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Indian old male doctor checking X-ray or MRI report for his female patient - radiology, CT-scan, X-ray image
A pretty Indian woman sitting at a desk - accounting job, data entry, accountant, work at home, late night assignment
A serious Indian writing on a piece of paper - education concept, nighttime study, college assignment
Charming Indian woman talking on cellphone at home - free time, gossip, extensive use of phone,
A middle-aged female shushing with a finger on her lips while looking towards the camera - angry female, scolding
A young Indian woman in her early thirties is giving a toothy smile to the camera - posing, cheerful
An Indian housewife is transferring mango pickle in a glass jar - Aachar, an Indian condiment, a homemade recipe
A middle-aged Indian woman is showing her pickle recipe on a video call - Indian spicy food
An Indian housewife is talking on the phone sitting on the floor - making pickle, household work
An aged Indian couple is playing a game of cards at home - leisure time, passing free time, relaxed lifestyle
A retired old man with his wife at home - spending free time at home drinking coffee / tea, caring housewife, beverage
An old man is talking on his mobile while sitting with his beautiful wife - retired lifestyle, keeping a hobby
A loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea in winters - old age couple, lonely life, retired life in India
A sweet little schoolgirl in casual clothes hugging and cuddling her mother - love and affection, caring mother
A single mother and her school-aged daughter reading an interesting book together - storybook, literature, picnic
Cheerful couple carrying their daughter on their lap flying like an airplane
A small adorable girl in casual clothes running with red balloons in a public park
A small nuclear family - weekend fun, sketching, family bonding
A young girl enjoys watching her parents play chess in a public park - a happy family, recreational activity
A young Indian couple arguing - family conflict, toxic relationship, divorce, marriage counselling, tortured child
A happy Indian family watching a comedy movie in an open area - movie time, entertainment
A nuclear family spending their time with their daughter while chatting - daughter, husband, wife
Indian family enjoying their leisure time in the garden - happy childhood, good parenting, small Indian family, young parents
Young Indian parents using laptop - quality time, adult, nuclear Indian family
Townpark, Faridabad, India - Dec/2021 - Young Indian mother spending some quality time with her daughter- bonding, loving mother, mother's day, hug
Indian family playing tug of war with the kid in the society park - teamwork, weekend fun, family time, Indian parents
A beautiful couple and daughter playing tug of war in society park - rope pulling, family enjoyment, family time
Town Park, Faridabad, India- Dec-2021 - A young couple holding hands and going for a romantic date - cheerful couple, quality time