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Young government employee collecting information from villagers - survey concept
Young responsible government employee telling villagers about new agriculture policy - Rural lifestyle
A cheerful village family enjoying playing together in their agricultural field - family time, family bonding
Cheerful villagers hugging their little kids while standing near a tubewell - parent-child bonding, love and affection
A happy Indian village couple showing their ink marked fingers after voting - Elections, State elections, Fundamental right
Cheerful Indian villagers hugging their little son while sitting together on a Chaarpai - Nuclear family in village home
Two female friends / villagers gossiping while sitting together - relationship and bonding
Cheerful villagers sitting in a green area talking about their agricultural work - Indian farmer family
Indian villagers happily showing their ink-marked fingers after casting a vote - Indian farmer couple
Modern villagers in their early forties discussing cultivation plans together
Two Indian villagers taking fodder to feed their cattle from an Indian farmland
Indian government employee approaching villagers to inform about new policies
Bank agent helping Indian villagers to open new bank accounts - easy way to protect the money
Young village couple getting information about health insurance policy from an agent
Two female friends / Indian villagers at home - Learning new skills, vocational training, part-time work, hobby
Close up shot of a diesel water pump helping Indian villagers to irrigate fields
Indian village couple - Using the internet and doing online shopping
A middle-aged village husband feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, tasty food, relationship and bonding
A farmer's son and daughter in school uniform waving the Indian National Flag together - Independence / Republic Day
A happy traditional village family enjoys eating sugarcane in their agricultural field - Ganna
A farmer's adorable son and daughter running and playing in the agricultural field
Happy little kids enjoying roaming around together in the green agricultural field - togetherness and bonding, a simple living
A happy village lady in traditional Saree carrying her little daughter on her back - mother-daughter bonding, piggyback
A middle-aged bearded farmer enjoys carrying his little daughter on his shoulders - happy parenting, carefree, father-daughter bonding
A middle-aged farmer embracing his beautiful wife while standing near a tubewell - togetherness and bonding, love and affection, village life
An attractive wife of a farmer tying her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, village life
A middle-aged farmer holding a shovel with his two little kids in his green field - Indian agriculture, an agricultural tool
A village couple sitting on a woven cot in the village - modern village couple, modern lifestyle