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Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29th September 2022, A young boy on a merry-go-round with cars - leisure time
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 29 Sept 2022, Car rides / Dodgem car rides in an amusement park, Diwali mela, local fair
A small nuclear family - weekend fun, sketching, family bonding
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A beautiful view of a temple with illuminated lights on the river bank
A cable car ride along the ropeway - an adventure, sightseeing, transportation
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India - Pan shot of cityscape and houses in Pushkar city
A beautiful view of a hilly region with a clear blue sky above - a mountainous range, hilly landscape
Uttar Pradesh India, 1st June 2022, Shot of an Indian city during monsoons, rainy season, heavy downpour, rainy weather, heavy rainfall
Time-lapse shot of cloudy sky in the night and evening - beautiful view
Time-lapse shot of a beautiful cloudy skyline in the night - overlooking tall residential buildings, scenic beauty, cloudy weather
Rainfall with a thunderstorm in a residential area - monsoon, nature fury, wild weather
View from a balcony - main road with a moving car and an autorickshaw, rainy season, monsoons in North India, an aerial view
Late evening view of mountain peaks / a hilly region - mountainous range
A mountain goat grazing in the open fields - a mammal, cattle, livestock
A scenic view of mountains covered with clouds in Himachal Pradesh, India - houses on top of a mountain, hotel, guest house
Mountain landscape - Road between high green mountains covered with fog
Himachal Pradesh, India, 1st June 2022, A beautiful view of a temple in Himachal Pradesh - religious faith and beliefs
Beautiful scenery of a clean river passing through the mountains in Himachal Pradesh in India - river water, river valley, natural source of water
Top view of a clean river flowing through the mountains - scenic beauty, fresh water, mountain river
Pan shot of a house in a mountainous region with a goat walking - a scenic view
A bird is flying across the river / lake - ecology, a natural source of water
Cloudy weather - Cloud cover over the top of the mountain - a mountainous range
Spectacular view of the sun setting behind the clouds - Seascape, traveling spot, evening scene, romantic beach spot
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - Beautiful view of St. Andrew's Church - Travel, tourism
Pan shot of a dense forest in a remote village - beautiful landscape
Lush greenery with Palm trees in a forest in Backwater- Beautiful scenery, natural surrounding, green environment
Karnataka, Coorg, India, April/2020 - Statues of Lord Buddha in a Buddhist monastery - Ancient temple, Indian culture, sacred place, religious place
Loha Pull, Old Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, Time-lapse shot of buses, autorickshaws, tempos and cabs under a bridge