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Lovely teenage girl doing her online classes while making notes using a laptop
Smiling girl student browsing the internet and studying online - remote learning. Online school
Smart urban mother teaching her daughter to run an application on the laptop
Attractive mother-daughter duo making a video call using a smartphone from home
Suspicious and worried mother upset about her teenage daughter's smartphone usage
Young mother and teen daughter surfing internet - modern technology
Mother and daughter busy using laptop and mobile at home - disconnected family
A young lady with a serum sheet mask on her face happily talking on a smartphone
Modern Indian male cheerfully typing messages on his smartphone - active lifestyle
Female doctor and her patient in masks doing a regular checkup at the clinic
Concentrated male busy in his official work while his wife cooking in the kitchen
Indian lady flipping the pages of a storybook while her husband busy on mobile
Middle-aged husband-wife waving during a video call - modern technology
Portrait of Indian farmer putting bank card details in his mobile - modern technology
Modern Indian farmer in a Kurta-Pyjama showing thumbs-up while using a laptop
Modern Indian villager wearing a Kurta working on a laptop alone at his home
Caring Indian father sitting with his young child teaching him things on a laptop
Indian village couple - Using the internet and doing online shopping
Middle-aged village couple using a laptop at their house - modern technology
A young village daughter helping her mother in online shopping - Entering credit / debit card details
Young mother and daughter of an Indian village using a laptop in their free time
Attractive Indian male sitting alone and cheerfully talking on his smartphone
Portrait of a healthy youngster cheerfully browsing his smartphone - technology concept
Cheerful Indian female enjoying talking to friends / relatives on a mobile video call
Cute girl in her early twenties listening to her favorite music sitting on the sofa
Smiling lady enjoying her favorite program on television while relaxing at home
Young girl enjoying watching television while sitting on the sofa in her living room
An attractive teenager typing messages on her mobile while sitting at home