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An Indian married woman smiling and talking on the phone at home - independent village woman, modern villagers, rural life
Indian girl talking on the call and dreaming about money against the green screen - wealth, money loans,
Two village farmers discussing modern farming techniques - village life, agriculture, jai jawan jai kisan
Young Asian man playing online computer video game - colorful lighting, ring light, streaming live at home
Close-up shot of a young Indian woman consulting with the cosmetologist - anti-aging treatment, self-care, facial care
Closeup shot of a cosmetologist consulting an Indian woman client at her clinic - anti-aging, skin care, skin scar, smooth skin
A sick young boy is talking on a video call while he is in the hospital - distant communication, bored in hospital
Faridabad, India, 29 September, 2023 - A middle-aged Indian man talking on phone at the railway station - waiting for train, railway platform
Pan shot of pharmacist noting down the order on mobile phone - retail medical store, business communication, online order, pharmacy
An elderly Indian father hugging his young daughter and son - loving father, single father, good parenting, home visit, holiday break
An old Indian couple in conversation over a cup of tea / coffee - retired life, old age, self-dependent, away from kids
An old Indian lady hugging her young grandchildren - grand mother, bonding, love, cool mother, single mother, quality time
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, A middle-aged boatman moving in a speed boat - water transport, Kerala backwaters, daily routine
Indian mother and daughter taking a picture - Diwali, Indian festival, smartphone, selfie, festive vibes, Onam, Vaisakhi
Indian businessman drinking and smoking at home - substance abuse, bad news, financial crisis, anger issues, addiction
Indian man having breakfast and using phone - lifestyle concept, balanced diet, drinking tea, phone addiction
A young teenage boy resting on his grandmother's lap and getting head massage - grandmother-grandson bonding
A caring Indian grandma is oiling her sweet granddaughter's hair with natural oil - dry skull, winter season, healthy hair, strong roots, home remedy, hot oil massage
A loving retired couple spending quality time together - couple bonding, romantic couple, smiling, agreement, retirement life
An aged Indian husband-wife doing a video call on a laptop - use of technology, internet penetration, 4g, 5g, talking to overseas family
A teenage girl talking to her teacher / instructor on a video call using a laptop - distant education, e-learning
An old man with grey hair and wearing eyeglasses is scrolling on his smartphone - old couple, discussion with wife, party at home
An attractive businesswoman is talking to a client while working on a laptop - client call, nerd, computer programmer, IT professional, work from home
A sweet girl with her mother while wrapped in a blanket in the winter season - gossip, nighttime stories, divorced mother
Indian housewife and her little girl talking on a video call - online call, use of technology, single mother
An experienced lady doctor is talking to a child patient in the hospital - friendly staff, care and assistance, handicap
A middle-aged caring father is by the bedside of his sick son in the hospital - care and assistance, family support
A middle-aged father doing his office work in the hospital while his son is resting - family responsibility, poor work life balance