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Single father helps his little son button his shirt to get ready in the morning
A single round of show of card by both the opponents playing a game of cards
A young woman using Diwali firecrackers, Phuljadis at home - flower rangoli, festive season, Diwali crackers, safe Diwali
A closeup shot of a man wiping his shoes on a rucksack doormat - cleanliness and hygiene
A happy young Indian man playing with his little daughter - childhood dream, a future pilot, parenting, single father
A caring Indian father playing and spending time with his little girl child in a hospital room - childhood game,
A young Indian woman is comforting her sick little daughter and making her sleep in the hospital bed
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her lovely mother - love and affection, parent-child bonding, a young mother
A cheerful housewife is tying / braiding her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, grooming
A busy single mother taking care of her little daughter while working from home - parenting, mother-daughter bonding
An adorable little girl is playing with her mother in the living room - a happy childhood
A cheerful Indian mother is playing hand-clapping games with her little daughter - a childhood game
A little girl is hugging / kissing her mother - love and affection, parenting, single mother
A portrait of a rural male with stubble - posing for the camera, poor man, daily wage worker
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
An Indian father helping his daughter with her homework while doing office work - father-daughter bonding
A young adorable girl chatting with her mother - mother-daughter bonding, quality time, single mother, modern parenting
An affectionate Indian mother and her little daughter talking - covered in light blanket, monsoon season, warm clothing
A beautiful Indian mother and her little daughter playing the rock paper scissors game - enjoyable game, single mother
A caring Indian mother helping her young kid with her studies - home education, single mother, homeschooling
Middle-aged man teaching his daughter - school assignments, holiday homework, parenting
A middle-aged South Indian father feeding his lovely daughter - traditional dress, South Indian family, Single father
An attractive Indian housewife in casual clothes browsing / scrolling on mobile - busy mother, single mother, modern housewife
A happy Indian mother-daughter duo enjoys playing a board game together - playing chess, an intelligent game
A happy young Indian mother chatting with her little kids while embracing them - quality time, happy parenting
A happy Indian mother and her cute little kids - using a tablet, modern lifestyle, Punjabi family, nuclear family, single mother
A modern Indian woman and her little kids - video call, Punjabi family, single mother, tough parenting, surd family
A happy mother-daughter clicking a selfie together - modern lifestyle, single mother