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Close up shot of an aged woman, praying while using beads - Religious practice in Hindu culture
Portrait of an Indian Sardar confidently looking into the mirror while wearing his turban
Small sister narrating a story to her younger brother while leaning on each other
Sister helping her brother wear a mask properly before wearing it herself
A beautiful Indian female having a glassful of fresh cold water - healthy lifestyle
Portrait shot of a funny young female laughing hard while looking at the camera
Closeup shot of an attractive young girl drinking from a glassful of freshwater
Portrait of a young girl using a medical mask during the Covid-19 pandemic time
A young attractive teenager pointing his fingers towards the advertisement area
Portrait of a beautiful Indian female holding a glassful of freshwater - casual wear
Closeup shot of a young man using a medical mask during the Covid-19 pandemic
Extreme portrait close up of an Indian guy's face laughing - happy emotions
Portrait of a funny young man laughing hard while looking towards the camera
Cheerful Indian guy in casual wear bursting out with laughter - emotions concept
High angle shot of a wallet full of Indian currency notes of 500, 200 and 10 rupees
Extreme close-up of a vintage alarm table clock ticking
Back view shot of young girl tossing her beautiful long hair in slow motion - Hair Care
Handsome Indian guy pointing his fingers towards blank copy space for text/image
Slow-motion shot of a successful man screaming and enjoying his achievement
Cheerful Indian guy in casual wear bursting out with laughter - emotions concept
Smiling Indian man pointing fingers towards a blank copy space for text/image
Young handsome man is feeling proud of himself against the white background
Senior Indian couple happily enjoying their Sunday weekend together - leisure time
Cheerful Indian couple happily offering a bouquet of red roses to the camera
Happy carefree young female dancing alone during New Year celebration in India
Tilt shot of young father and son of India standing with a "Stop Pollution" signboard
Happy young college girls enjoying together at home - leisure time
Cute Indian girl putting finger on her lips and asking not to tell anyone her secrets