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A happy farmer showing his ink-marked finger while sitting at home - elections, State elections, National elections, Voter
A happy Indian farmer showing his ink-marked finger and his belief in a right to vote
Half face of healthy Indian male showing his biceps against a dark background
Indian housewife cleaning grains in a traditional kitchen while husband showing mobile
Indian girl showing heart symbol near a pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness
Woman with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon showing a heart symbol with hands
A happy farmer showing his ink-marked finger and his belief in the right to vote
Handsome Indian guy showing a peace sign with a wide toothy smile on his face
Beautiful Indian girl showing new clothes to her friend in a living room
Indian male designer showing his new collection of dresses to his customers - fashion studio
Indian fashion entrepreneur showing different designer dresses to a client at her fashion retail store
Young female retail entrepreneur showing the new dress collection to her customers
Beautiful pregnant woman showing her reports to someone over a video call
Young attractive husband showing new things to his beautiful wife on his new smartphone - Village life
Sikh family scenario: Son showing his work to aged father on the laptop. Use of IT by senior citizen
Players showing their cards on table one by one
A sweet boy wearing cool sunglasses posing for the camera in the public park - Holi celebrations, trendy lifestyle
A Muslim woman in hijab showing her ink-marked finger after voting - an Indian citizen, state elections, a democratic country
A middle-aged guy clicking a selfie on his mobile after voting in the elections - state elections, an Indian citizen, democratic country
A beautiful adolescent girl taking a selfie with her smartphone after voting - municipal elections, an Indian citizen, democracy
An excited Indian family showing their colorful hands together on the Holi festival - togetherness and bonding, an urban family
An excited young man in casual clothes showing his colorful hands during Holi celebrations - vibrant Gulal, a spring festival, enjoyment
A cheerful Indian villager showing her ink-marked index finger after voting - Indian elections, state elections, voter
A middle-aged laborer happily showing banknotes and ATM card - monthly savings
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, A salesman at the counter showing a beautiful carpet displayed for sale
A young Indian housewife spending time with her cute baby girl and her husband
An attractive guy in his thirties showing the Ok super sign. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Pretty lady in a Sari showing her Diwali gift while chatting on a video call