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Lighting an earthen Diya with a matchstick kept on rose petals - celebration time
A woman decorating a glass of delicious buttermilk with rose petals
Pretty Indian girl happily throwing rose petals while looking towards the camera
Traditional Indian woman throws a plateful of rose petals towards the camera
Romantic young man standing in front of the mirror with rose practicing proposing
Smiling young Indian smelling fragrance of rose and keep in the pocket
Side view of an Indian female smiling and pouting while taking selfies with a rose
Closeup shot of Indian bride's engagement ring with rose petals - wedding concept
Girl making the stem of an artificial pink rose using tape
A woman arranging artificial petals of a big pink rose
A closeup shot of pink rose made from paper by a kid in the art and craft class
Diwali decoration - Indian women making flower rangoli with rose petals
Closeup shot of Rangoli making with rose petals - festival preparation, flower rangoli
Middle-aged Indian couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple
A middle-aged Indian couple is decorating a floral Rangoli with rose petals for Diwali
A middle-aged Indian couple and their daughter decorating a floral Rangoli with rose petals - Diwali decoration
A middle-aged handsome Bengali couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, romantic couple, festive mood
Happy brother and sister decorating a Rangoli with rose petals and white flowers
A happy mother and daughter decorating a traditional Rangoli with rose petals
An attractive female in ethnic attire decorating a Rangoli with rose petals
A middle-aged couple is decorating a Rangoli with rose petals on Diwali
A lady serving a glass of chilled Chaas decorated with rose petals
Beautiful red rose and its petals on a wooden table - Rose milk
Traditional north Indian bride smiling and throwing flower petals - Hindu wedding
Bokeh shot of a beautiful Indian female smiling while throwing flower petals
Portrait of a pretty Indian girl blowing rose and marigold petals from her hands
Woman hands placing a mehndi bowl on a decorated platform - Mehndi ceremony
Zoom out shot - Beautifully decorated platform for Indian bride's Mehndi ceremony