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An Indian housewife helping her young son with his homework - school assignments, parent-child relationship
Indian teenage couple enjoying a candlelight dinner date in a luxury lounge - Love and Relationship
Middle-aged Indian couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple
A strict Indian father scolding his school-going son - stubborn child, kids mistake, depressed kid, strict parent, discipline issues
An old Indian couple chatting and drinking tea/coffee at home - beverage, evening time, old age, retired life
A caring mother making her little daughter wear a woolen cap - winter season, cold climate, winter care, warm cap
A cheerful housewife is tying / braiding her daughter's hair with a ribbon - mother-daughter bonding, grooming
An adorable little girl is playing with her mother in the living room - a happy childhood
An attractive middle-aged Gujarati couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, a young couple, resting head on husband's shoulders
A middle-aged couple and a young boy playing video games using a joystick - a gaming console, modern parenting
A middle-aged Indian couple and little kids playing a board game - playing chess, checkmate, small Indian family, family bonding
A loving husband putting a Gajra on his cheerful wife's hair - romantic couple, middle age couple, middle class
A modern Indian family watching their favorite movie together on Tv - fun and entertainment, leisure time, family bonding
A middle-aged handsome Bengali couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, romantic couple, festive mood
A middle-aged Indian housewife doing household work while her husband is busy on the phone - a domestic lifestyle, leisure time
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
A happy old Indian couple is playing a game at home - a board game, a childhood game
A caring father is helping his son with his studies while the mother is knitting - school assignments, hobby
A Sikh Indian guy tying / braiding his young daughter's hair with a ribbon - father-daughter bonding, single father
A Sikh Indian father scolding his daughter looking at her exam papers - an angry father, an upset kid, punishment
Three old friends in a hotel room - Old age friends on vacation
A young attractive couple talking / chatting while spending quality time with each other - togetherness and relationship, a couple bonding
A young schoolkid with curly hair spending time with his loving mother - Indian family, mother-son bonding
An attractive middle-aged South Indian couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, young couple, South India
A sweet little girl resting on her father's back - closeness, a piggyback ride, parenting, child care, girl care
A young girlfriend-boyfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship - a couple lifestyle
A smiling Indian couple posing together for the camera in their living room - a modern lifestyle, photogenic
A loving husband pampering his pretty wife by giving her a wonderful gift - a surprise gift, relationship problems