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Beautiful Indian woman applying tika to Hindu God's idols and bowing head with namaskar - Pooja Background
Indian woman facing the camera - offering flowers to Hindu Lord's idols at home
Attractive Indian woman texting using a smartphone before pooja begins at home - Festive Background
Close-up of Swastika puja Hindu ceremony in India
Happy Family - Friends playing ludo board game at table and having a good time
Indian Wedding - Performing wedding ritual with an Indian bride
A woman arranging artificial petals of a big pink rose
A closeup shot of pink rose made from paper by a kid in the art and craft class
A close up shot of beautifully crafted flowers made from paper
Keeping white paper flower on the table among other crafted flowers
Back view of gambler checking his bunch of cards before the game begins
A worker block printing red fabric with the white design
Block Printing - A man adding red fabric dye on the tray
Slow motion shot of a woman cutting tomatoes
Closeup of woman / female cutting the red onion into slices on chopping board
Woman / female slicing green chili pepper on cutting board in the kitchen
Woman slitting and chopping green chili on a chopping board
Happy little girls having fun by bursting balloon at a birthday party - Surprised and Scared
Happy couple decorating Christmas tree in their home
Young happy family / couple decorating the Christmas tree
Young Indian couple decorating Christmas tree
Indian man / father putting a red Christmas cap on her daughter
Happy girl sitting on a couch watching a cartoon on her smartphone - Christmas Theme with Tree and Gifts
Father gives a gift to his daughter on Christmas Eve
Beautiful mother gives a surprise Christmas gift to her little son
Indian mother and son taking a selfie near Christmas tree
Young mother helping her daughter to decorate Christmas tree
Cute little girl playing and making earrings out of Christmas decoration balls