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Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Indian teen girl stretching and relaxing her arms at home while sitting on a sofa - early morning laziness
Smiling young Indian woman working from home on her laptop - office work. Work from home concept
Beautiful Young Indian girl talking to her friend while having coffee - conversation. Technology inside the house
Young Indian beautiful girl sitting on a couch with a book in her hands - thoughtful. Checking her mobile
Shot of a cute Indian child making shapes from clay dough
Shot of an Indian mother playing colorful blocks with her son - Summer holiday homework
Clinical doctor holding an X-ray film - scanning and radiology concept
Indian old male doctor checking X-ray or MRI report for his female patient - radiology, CT-scan, X-ray image
A lady doctor with a stethoscope is explaining an X-ray image / MRI to a child's parent - radiology, medical report
An Indian doctor explaining the X-ray / MRI image to a patient's parent - medical report, radiology, single parent
A young lady doctor consulting a sick young boy on the hospital bed - X-ray, MRI, medical report, CT-scan
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor consulting - CT scan of head and brain, radiology, medical examination
A young doctor wearing a white uniform checking an X-ray report / CT scan
Indian doctor showing a CT scan / X-ray to a patient - COVID-19 pandemic period
Indian doctor using brain CT scan / X-ray / MRI scan to explain the symptoms to her patient
Indian Medical practitioner examining the MRI scan / X-ray - medical concept
Indian doctor checking the MRI / CT Scan image of her patient sitting in her clinic