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Indian farmer playing happily with his daughter in fields - rural lifestyle, desi family fun, childhood
Close-up of pro cyber sports gamer - gaming keyboard close shot, RGB keyboard and mouse
Focusing on a computer monitor with green chroma screen with free ad space for inserting videos - green screen
A professional Indian gamer addicted to playing online video games - interior gaming setup at home
A professional Indian gamer puts on headphones and starts playing virtual video games in home setup
A young Indian professional gamer is stressed over a defeat in virtual video game - losing, anxious, depressed, sad, emotions
A sad young Indian man - online video game, blue light, impact on eyes, late night screen impact, overuse of screen
A professional gamer putting on an audio headset and playing online video games on the computer - Indian home
A young gamer watching the green screen - computer monitor with green chroma, watching movie
Indian young man looks excited - thrilled, euphoric, enthusiastic, winning streak
A professional gamer talking on phone - game zone at home, gaming setup, video game, video game addiction, bad habit, professional gamer
An old Indian couple playing chess while drinking tea / coffee - board game, retired life, old age home, affair in old age
A matured Indian man with white hair is playing a board game with his grandchildren - playing chess, indoor games, good parenting
Young Indian brother-sister playing a board game together - playing chess, checkmate, strategy game
Young Indian brother-sister enjoy playing a game of carrom together - board game, indoor game, learning a new game
An old Indian couple playing a carrom board - board game, indoor game, Indian grandparents, retired life, enjoyment in old age
An aged Indian couple playing carrom with their kids - board game, indoor game, happy family, small nuclear family
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, Little kids / young boys are having a bath in the river - villagers, life around water bodies, wooden boats
Handsome Indian man scrolling through his smartphone in the kitchen at night - insomnia, phone addiction, sleeping problems
A young girl sitting with her Indian mother while she is doing hand embroidery - small family, nuclear family, single mother, happy family
An old Indian lady is knitting clothes while her grandson is playing a video game - scolding, mobile phone addiction, mobile game addiction
A young businesswoman wearing eyeglasses is making notes while working on a laptop - late night work, professional life, poor work-life balance
An attractive businesswoman is talking to a client while working on a laptop - client call, nerd, computer programmer, IT professional, work from home
An affectionate Indian mother and her little son playing with a toy car in the hospital - fun and entertainment
A pediatrician is talking to a child admitted to the hospital - friendly doctor, hospital room, private hospital room, Ayushman Bharat
Portrait of a 10-year-old Indian kid with oxygen tube in hospital room - playing with a toy car, tough time, Indian hospital
Indian mother is playing the rock, paper, scissors game with her sick son - childhood games, hospital ward, strong mother
Motion graphic shot of Navratri—auspicious day, design, Company greetings, lighting