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Stressed Indian wife having tea while having a discussion with husband about financial issues
Adorable Indian girl holding a coffee mug, sitting and looking outside the window
Attractive Indian female having a friendly mobile phone conversation sitting at home
Indian woman working and typing on a laptop - Excited with good news
Cute teen girl wearing black headphones is listening to music - shaking head
Young Indian teenager preparing for exams while caring mother offers juice - Concerned parents
Lazy Indian boy lying on a couch and watching TV - lifestyle kids
Young kid happily watching television at home during his summer vacations
Cute little boy talking over a phone call on his smartphone - technology concept
Young cute boy playing game on his smartphone at home - leisure lifestyle
Young innocent kid busy doing a video call on his smartphone - modern technology
Happy Indian son doing a video call to his dad on his mobile phone
Smiling Indian boy playing with his toy car in the living area - kids lifestyle concept
Young cute boy listening to music and using his digital tablet - technology concept
Young Indian kid playing with a basketball at home - evening playtime
Closeup shot of a school boy reading a book very carefully - childhood education
Cute Indian kid playing mobile games while sitting on a couch - lifestyle kids
Cute little boy with glasses reading a book while sitting in his living room
A tilt shot of a decorated puja thali for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations
Close-up shot of a decorated thali on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan - Indian festival
Pan left to right shot of a decorated puja thali - Raksha Bandhan festival
Top view of a beautifully decorated puja thali for festival celebrations - Raksha Bandhan
A beautiful rotating puja thali for Raksha Bandhan with colored background
Overweight Indian woman relaxing on a couch after eating - Unhealthy lifestyle
Indian teen girl stretching and relaxing her arms at home while sitting on a sofa - early morning laziness
Smiling young Indian woman working from home on her laptop - office work. Work from home concept
Beautiful Young Indian girl talking to her friend while having coffee - conversation. Technology inside the house
Young Indian beautiful girl sitting on a couch with a book in her hands - thoughtful. Checking her mobile