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Young Indian man helping his son in planting a sapling in a city park - leisure concept
Handsome Indian father puts a helmet on his son's head before riding a bicycle
Indian father and son happily doing high five while riding a bicycle - Sunday leisure time
Attractive Indian father repairing his son's cycle on a summer day - leisure time
Handsome Indian father teaching his son how to ride a cycle on a footpath - fatherhood concept
A young man and his kid sprinkling water over big trees in a garden - leisure time
Indian dad comforting his injured son after he fell from his bicycle - fatherhood concept
A young attractive man gardening a little sapling with his son in a park - ecology concept
Indian father and son watering a plant while gardening in a park - save environment concept
A young woman happily greeting in a traditional Indian namaste - colorful festive background
Indian married woman happily talking to her husband over a phone call - Karwa Chauth
Pretty Indian lady doing Karwa Chauth Puja aginst a decorated festive background
Young attractive woman performing Karwa Chauth rituals in traditional wear - festival season
Beautiful Indian woman smiling at the camera on the occasion of Karwa Chauth
Young husband and wife fighting over money and expenses while sitting on a couch
Beautiful Indian girl showing new clothes to her friend in a living room
Indian teenager studying hard for his upcoming semester exams - education concept
A handsome college-going student trying hard to concentrate on his studies - Study Pressure India
Young exhausted boy learning lessons for his upcoming exams - education concept
Proud mother praising his college-going son while he is preparing for his exams - Family in India
Indian mother caressing her young son while he is napping on his textbook - education concept
A young tired student with his books and globe while sleeping on his study table
Indian middle-aged businessman having terrible shoulder pain while sitting on a couch
Happy young college girls enjoying together at home - leisure time
Beautiful Indian girl playing with a stethoscope and a cute heart-shaped toy - Budding doctor from India
Three different colored bell peppers (capsicums) isolated against the black background
Red bell pepper (capsicum) in a white plate rotating on a turntable - healthy vegetables
Fresh yellow, red, and green capsicums rotating on a turntable - black background