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Walking shot of an aisle in a coffee plantation - nature, green shrubs
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 11th December 2021, A group of white Brahminy duck / ruddy shelduck flying over the Yamuna river
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 11th December 2021, An unidentified boatman in casual clothes rowing a boat with his fellow passengers
Yamuna Ghat, New Delhi, India, 11th December 2021, A boatman in casual clothes rowing a boat with passengers on the Yamuna river
A smartly dressed young man in casual clothes holding a Croton plant in a black pot
A smart young man in casual clothes watering the plants in a beautiful garden
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India, 8th November 2021, A colorful dragonfly sitting on a branch of a tree
Akshardham, New Delhi, India, 25th November 2021, A female gardener in casual clothes digging and watering the soil to plant a tree
Farmer's young daughter standing in mustard or Sarso field smelling the fresh air
Pan shot of the beautiful city palace situated in pink city Jaipur - tourism concept
Closeup shot of retired male and female doing a nature walk on a sunny morning
Elderly Indian man walking slowly with the help of a walker on a Sunday morning
Back view shot - Old Indian couple holding hands while walking together in a park
Moving shot of a roadside river canal with dirty water, green grass and bushes all around
A flock of black-headed gulls and its species resting in a lake - beautiful nature concept
Young beautiful girl happily looking away with folded arms in nature
Young attractive girl writing into her notebook while sitting on the green grass in a park - leisure concept
Close-up shot of a green plant - Natural beauty, the joy of nature
A bunch of beautiful yellow daisies swaying in the breeze - a windy weather
An attractive man holding his child while she is watering the plants with a can
Happy senior couple spending quality time together on valentine's day in India
Pretty Indian woman practicing asanas on a yoga mat - healthy lifestyle
Indian girl rejoicing Independence Day with her painting skills - kids lifestyle
Indian family playing the hide and seek game in a public park - Three generations, grandfather, grandson
A happy Indian father playing a blindfold game with his son - picnic in a park, blind man's bluff, a childhood game
A young aspiring male doctor posing for the camera - stethoscope, doctor dress code, health and medical, a medical worker
A retired old man-eating homemade delicious white bread sandwiches - tasty recipe, vegetarian cuisine
Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 1st April 2020, A Bhagmathi cruise waiting near the dockyard in a sea with clear water