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Beautiful young mom hugging her sweet little daughter on her birthday - Happy Indian Family
Close shot of a farmer planting paddy sapling in the rice field
Two farmers planting rice / paddy sapling in the mud during rainy season
A girl performing "Ardha Kapotasana" move in a park while exercising yoga
A girl performing "Paschimottanasana" move in a park while exercising yoga
A girl performing "up dog" yoga move in a beautiful park
Slow motion of an amateur chef cutting apple into thin slices
Close up shot of a printer printing out papers
Slow motion of a girl cutting off a piece of an apple
A girl hand pounding cloves in a stone mortar
Close up shot of a dog looking around in park, Cocker Spaniel
Dog grabbing a cookie from the table, cocker spaniel
A farmer ploughing rice paddy field with tractor in a rainy season - Indian Village
Timelapse shot of green tea preparation in a transparent cup and saucer
A pan shot of a green field of sorghum / jowar in Indian village
Indian female farmer working in the rice field in a village
Indian farmer planting rice in the rainy season - Paddy field in village
An Indian farmer planting rice seedlings in the field - Village agriculture life
Slow motion shot of a beautician cleaning facial mask
A beautician removes blackhead on a beautiful Indian girl's face
A young Indian woman gets a facial massage by a professional
A beautician wiping off girl's face before acne treatment
Close up shot of an artist sketching on paper
Shot of a worker leveling the heap of coal in the furnace
Shot of melting a metal ore in a vessel on a high flame
Shot of an Indian women pouring cold coffee into a mug full of ice
Indian woman using her smartphone and drinking a cup of tea in her leisure time
Shot of dried red chilies - laal mirch being dropped in a pan with hot oil