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A happy middle-aged village lady typing / using a laptop for the first time - Modern village home in India
A happy businessman receiving a phone call, Chroma shoot - modern technology
Modern Indian woman helping her businessman husband to wear a coat while getting ready - Happily Married
Modern Indian villager wearing a Kurta working on a laptop alone at his home
Modern Indian man preparing for cooking and tying an apron inside the kitchen
Young mother learning to run a laptop from her daughter - modern villager
A beautiful lady clicking a photo while standing in her modern kitchen using a mobile
Pretty Indian woman in a saree making noodles in a pan at her modern kitchen
A young adorable girl chatting with her mother - mother-daughter bonding, quality time, single mother, modern parenting
Father in discussion with young kids while looking at the laptop - online learning - modern technology
A modern Indian couple spending quality time - an affectionate couple, a couple bonding
A happy modern couple talking on a video call while sitting together on a sofa - distant communication, internet connection
A modern Bengali couple and their little kids having lunch / dinner together at home - quality time, family bonding
A modern Indian family wishes a Happy Holi to everyone on a video call - an Indian festival, family bonding
A modern young man with stubble completing his office work on a laptop
An elderly man and his grandson using laptop - modern-day parenting, digital device use
Village home in India - Modern housewife in Indian village doing online shopping with credit card / debit card
A modern couple talking to their relatives on an online video call - distant communication
A middle-aged Indian couple chatting over a cup of tea - free time, togetherness and bonding, lovely couple
An attractive Indian girl posing for a selfie on her smartphone - college-going girl, making reels
A happy Indian couple and their little son using a laptop together - family bonding, happy Indian family
A retired Indian guy using a smartphone and posing for the camera - happy old man, retired life
A young teenager making an online payment using her credit/debit card - convenient banking, online banking
An attractive Indian housewife in casual clothes browsing / scrolling on mobile - busy mother, single mother, modern housewife
A beautiful housewife cooking food in the kitchen - Watching cooking recipes on a laptop, modern mother,
A happy Indian mother and her cute little kids - using a tablet, modern lifestyle, Punjabi family, nuclear family, single mother
A cheerful Indian family - Small nuclear family having a good time together - leisure activity, family bonding
Portrait of a young schoolgirl making notes while studying online on a laptop - a modern technology