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A little kid hugging his father - love and care, parenting
A young attractive girl smiling and showing the heart sign - love concept
Woman hands placing 'I Love You' message card on a decorated wooden surface
Happy Indian family celebrating Janamashtmi with love - Bowing with greeting pose
Indian sister tying rakhi on her brother's wrist and expressing the love - Raksha Bandhan
Beautiful Indian girls in love sharing a romantic moment with each other at home
A south Indian mother in a traditional Saree putting a Gajra on her daughter's hair - festive feel, parenting, care and love
A happy Indian husband-wife in ethnic wear using a smartphone - surprised by kids, South Indian family, traditional dress
An attractive middle-aged South Indian couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, young couple, South India
A charming young man with her beautiful wife- surprise gift, auspicious occasion, love and affection, birthday gift, anniversary gift
A cheerful Indian husband-wife together at their home - a romantic couple, togetherness and bonding
A loving husband pampering his pretty wife by giving her a wonderful gift - a surprise gift, relationship problems
Attractive Indian husband-wife playing a game of carrom together - celebration, Indian couple
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
An Indian schoolgirl hugging her father - father-daughter bonding, love and affection
A newly married couple browsing on a mobile phone in their living room - social media, good life
India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Tourists riding on the boat - Water transport, evening outing, family love
An attractive Bengali couple at their home - love and affection, romantic couple, Indian family
A middle-aged attractive man wearing a blue Kurta looking for his eyeglasses while reading - a couple bonding, love
A middle-aged Bengali lady in a traditional Sari serving food to her family members - delicious food, homecooked cuisine
A Muslim man and his little kid in ethnic wear during the festive season - family bonding, leisure time, white skull cap, culture
A sweet little kid wearing a white round skull cap hugging his mother - love and care
Young Muslim family in India - A boy wearing a round skull cap hugging his father - love and care, happy parenting
A cute little girl in traditional clothes tying a Rakhi on her elder brother's wrist - Raksha- Bandhan, Hindu festival
A sweet schoolgirl hugging her mother in a public park - love and affection, relationship and togetherness, parenting
A beautiful little girl wearing a headscarf happily hugging/embracing her father - love and affection
A young Indian girl child hugs her father - warm hug, love and affection, relationship and togetherness, love and bonding
A young cheerful couple enjoying quality time with their cute adorable son - happy parenting, relationship and togetherness