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Busy parents working at night - Hectic lifestyle in modern days
An old Indian lady browsing her smartphone - online chatting, social media, a modern lifestyle
An urban Indian girl happily smoking and waving her hand - smoking is injurious to health, bad habit, cancerous, bad lifestyle
The busy couple - Work from home culture, modern-day lifestyle
Muscular young man jogging in a green park - a healthy lifestyle concept
Indian woman knitting wool with knitting needles - Lifestyle women
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, Large number of people at the Mela ground in Pushkar - funfair, lifestyle
Young Indian mother and a teenage daughter in sportswear meditating in a lotus position - Morning yoga
Two young Indian girls walking while carrying yoga mats after their workouts in the park - fitness, healthy lifestyle
A teenage Indian girl using a jumping rope while doing exercises in open ground - morning fitness routine
A young Indian mother in a tracksuit teaching her teenage daughter to ride a bicycle
Closeup shot of a young Indian athlete sweating in the gym - intense workout session, female sports enthusiast, North East Indian girl
A young sportswoman wearing red bandage tape practicing punches - fit and active lifestyle, North Indian East girl
A young Indian housewife watching a live sports event on television - cheering for country, North East Indian
An Indian mom and her little kid doing pranayam breathing exercise at home - kids yoga, concentration, relaxation
Portrait of a cheerful working girl applying a pink lipstick - glamor, fashion and lifestyle
An adorable little girl doing makeup for her mother - cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle, role play, new age profession, budding artist
A middle-aged Indian couple together at home - togetherness and bonding, quality time, couple bonding, nuclear family
A retired Indian guy using a smartphone and posing for the camera - happy old man, retired life
An aged Indian housewife practicing Yoga pranayam or breathing exercises - healthy lifestyle, kapal bhati
An old Indian lady / an Indian grandmother combing her grey / black hair - hair care, healthy hair
A young Indian female house chores - Indian housewife, domestic lifestyle, laundry, household chores
A beautiful housewife cooking food in the kitchen - Watching cooking recipes on a laptop, modern mother,
A happy Indian mother and her cute little kids - using a tablet, modern lifestyle, Punjabi family, nuclear family, single mother
A happy mother-daughter clicking a selfie together - modern lifestyle, single mother
A happy Indian housewife reading a book while lying down in her bedroom - a favorite pastime
A modern Indian housewife clicking a selfie on her mobile with a victory gesture - posing, cheerful
A young man working on the laptop for an office assignment - working from home, a remote job