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An Indian woman is folding ironed clothes at home - household chores, laundry, domestic lifestyle, daily routine, housewife
A cheerful Indian female talking on a mobile - housewife, gossiping, talking on the phone
A retired Indian man doing toe-touching exercises - personal fitness, an active lifestyle, health and fitness
Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, India, 21st September 2018, Cycle rickshaws moving on the streets
Old Delhi, India, 21st September 2018, A footage of a busy and crowded marketplace in Old Delhi - commercial business
A young Indian girl is learning knitting / weaving woolen sweaters - winter season, hobby, learning new skill
A middle-aged Indian housewife doing Pranayama or breathing exercises - morning routine
A retired Indian couple doing Pranayam or breathing exercises together - healthy lifestyle, life balance, meditation
A middle-aged woman and her daughter doing toe-touching exercises on a Yoga mat - home workout
A middle-aged housewife in a traditional Saree watering the plants - caring for plants, go green, terrace garden, home garden
A middle-aged Indian villager in a Kurta-Pajama and an Angocha working on a laptop - modern Indian villager
A middle-aged villager and his young daughter using a laptop together - modern Indian villagers
A rural housewife in a traditional Saree giving a glass of water to her sick husband - cold and cough, fever, lung infection
A concerned father consulting a doctor online - video consultation, online medical consultation, medical care, Indian village
A worried husband of an Indian village consulting a doctor online - medical attention, doctor's appointment
A caring village husband putting a cold compress on his sick wife's forehead -medical attention, doctor's advice
A lady doctor examining a female patient in an Indian village - Anganwadi worker, nurse, home checkup,
A middle-aged lady doctor doing a checkup of a teenage girl - medical attention, Anganwadi worker, healthcare in an Indian village
A village Anganwadi worker teaching stitching to a village lady - vocational training, NGO, skill development
A government employee dressed in a saree posing for the camera - an educated woman in a village, government officer
A healthcare worker giving medicines to a teenage girl - medical facilities, rural healthcare system
Closeup shot of Female hands typing on the laptop keyboard - office work
Diwali season decoration - A young Indian model with a beard smiling and posing for the camera, colorful lights
A middle-aged Indian guy wiping his face after shaving his face - clean-shaven, morning ritual
Rajasthani / Gujarati Paghdi and wooden camel showpieces at a stall - souvenir shop, culture, traditions
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A Rajasthani man wearing a white turban twirling his long mustache while talking on a video call
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A middle-aged man putting his traditional turban - Rajasthani culture, long mustache
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, Large number of people at the Mela ground in Pushkar - funfair, lifestyle