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Close shot of two slices of a burger bun with sesame seeds kept in the kitchen
Urban Indian chef chopping fresh healthy vegetables at home - cooking in Indian kitchen
A grey-haired cook garnishing his dish with dry fruits - cooking in Indian kitchen
Modern Indian male cooking a tasty dish in the kitchen - homestyle cooking
Grey-haired male cooking in the kitchen while the wife is happily instructing him
Modern Indian man preparing for cooking and tying an apron inside the kitchen
Smiling young Indian boy inside the kitchen - wearing casuals and talking on the phone
Closeup shot of a heap of wheat flour forming on a kitchen counter at home
Falling of wheat flour on a kitchen counter against a blurred kitchen background
Falling of wheat flour on a round wheat dough to make chapatis in the kitchen
Closeup shot - Making of the colorful vegetable dish/recipe in the home kitchen
Modern-day nuclear family - Newly wedded couple in the kitchen
Newly wedded couple - Husband cooking in the decorated kitchen
Young wife working in the kitchen during a festival while chatting with her husband
Indian husband clicking a selfie on mobile while his wife is busy in the kitchen
Young wife instructing her husband in the kitchen work - festive celebration mood
A Bengali beautiful lady chatting on her smartphone in her decorated kitchen
A caring Bengali housewife cleaning the kitchen counter properly after cooking
A fair looking Bengali lady cooking a traditional tasty dish (pakoras) in her kitchen
A beautiful lady entering her kitchen after shopping while talking on a smartphone
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables bought from the market in her kitchen
A young lady making a video call while sitting and chopping veggies in a kitchen
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables to prepare healthy food in her kitchen
Happy young lady cooking vegetables in a non-stick pan while standing in the kitchen
A beautiful young woman happily putting a juice tray on the kitchen slab
A happy young woman cutting fresh fruits in her kitchen while talking to a friend on her smartphone
An Indian housewife serving instant noodles in plate in her modern kitchen
Medium shot of a beautiful Indian female eating hot noodles at her kitchen