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Close-up shot of a green plant - Natural beauty, the joy of nature
Beautiful girl's face is covered with organic colors on this colorful festival - Palms covered in colors, mixture of colors
Happy Young Couple listening to Holi songs and smiling - Indian festival, Gulal
A pregnant female lying on the bed and taking steps with baby shoes on her tummy
A young pregnant woman rubbing her stomach while talking to her unborn child
A little daughter jumping on the bed happily while the parents watching her
Young cute boy playing game on his smartphone at home - leisure lifestyle
Little Indian boy enthusiastically celebrating Independence Day / Republic Day - National Tri-color flag
A smiling young girl with long black hair using mobile phone - Chatting
Village scene of a cute little girl doing her school homework - left-hand writing, left-handed
Indian village couple happily saving money in a money bank - financial planning, saving for girl marriage, future plans
Happy Indian village family saving money - piggy bank, financial security, financial planning
Indian village parents happily embracing their cute daughter - parenting, nuclear family in Indian village, village parents
Beautiful Indian woman knitting woolen clothes at home - village home in India, hobby, side hustle for housewife
Side view shot of a beautiful village woman happily talking over a phone call - Indian family in a village, nuclear family
A young village school girl studying while sitting on the floor - girl eduction, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, hardworking girl, Indian village home
Portrait of an attractive Indian male drinking cool water in the early morning
Young Indian boy working from home - Office work at home, dressed in formals, making notes in notebook, successful businessman, office call
Indian man working from home on laptop - putting on headphones for a video call
Portrait of a smiling young girl reading her favorite book at home
A young Indian woman preparing bread butter toast for the breakfast - morning breakfast, quick breakfast
A young Indian woman taking out veggies from a paper bag while talking on a phone
A beautiful young girl talking on the phone in the kitchen - Young working woman in the kitchen
Indian siblings happily celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan at home - Indian festival, celebration, Indian family
Handsome Indian man happily gesturing thumbs-ups while standing in the kitchen
Portrait shot of an attractive Indian young man in the kitchen - smiling, Indian cook, Indian husband
Small Indian kid giving car keys to his father - luxury car, Indian car
A South Indian mother-daughter in traditional wear making flower garlands - Mala, decorations, festival