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An Indian traditional woman in a blue saree posing for the camera - sitting in the tractor, modern technology, farmer development
Bank employee with the old farmer's family - tractor purchase, Krishi Yojana, emergency loan, farmer loan
An Indian farmer doing online KYC for tractor loan - bank employee, insurance agent, rich farmer, Indian agriculture system
An Indian government officer handing the tractor keys to the farmer's family - happy moment, govt policy, government scheme
An insurance agent in a village home - sales man, thumbs up, selling insurance policy, farm loans, agriculture loans
Rural Indian lady farmer cutting green fodder from her field - village life, desi lifestyle, agriculture, harvesting
Old Indian farmer is happy in his wheat field - crop, cereal crop, wheat cultivation, village life, desi lifestyle
A village family posing for the camera with their car keys - future investment, car purchase, travel, prosperity
Happy Indian house wife proudly showing her last month's salary - working woman, financially independent villager
An Indian village woman excitedly using the mobile phone - independent woman, rural development, modern villagers
A pretty married woman in traditional wear smiling and looking at the camera - village lady, rural concept, desi lifestyle, ethnic style
An Indian village mother teaching her daughter - girl education, beti bachao beti padhao, woman empowerment
A portrait of an Indian village woman sitting on a tractor and smiling at camera - driving, rural life, village lifestyle
Indian villager feels proud and poses with his tractor - progressive farmer, rich farmer, agricultural advancement, evolution
Indian girl talking on the call and dreaming about money against the green screen - wealth, money loans,
Portrait shot of an Indian girl showing her bicep on the green screen - bodybuilding, fitness, muscle gain
Pretty Indian woman making the victory sign from her hands on the green screen - isolated, human expression, posing
A beautiful Indian girl pointing at the camera against the green screen - gesture of invitation, welcoming, expressing
Beautiful Indian female showcasing a dummy product - green screen, isolated, advertising, marketing, blank space
A portrait of an Indian girl making an okay sign from fingers on the green screen - green screen concept, sign language
Beautiful Indian model with surprised look - glowing skin, skin facial treatment, chroma shoot
Young Indian model touching her face with clean hands after a refreshing facial massage - chroma shoot, skin products
Beautiful young woman flaunting her glowing skin after a refreshing facial at a salon - beauty, flawless skin, skin care, skin product ad
Medium shot of a young female model posing in a bathrobe against the green screen - advertisement
Beautiful Indian model laughing in a bathrobe against the green screen - advertisement
Medium shot of a female model in bathrobe pointing something on the green screen - advertisement
Young female model in bathrobe points her fingers upwards - green screen, chroma shoot
Young Indian model highlighting the benefits of self care routine on green screen in bathrobe, chroma shoot