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Close-up of young woman in bathrobe taking oil from dropper - hyaluronic collagen vita, stock video, serum
An overweight Indian man smelling hamburger and biting an apple - healthy diet, junk food, choosing right food
An Indian obese man eating fried samosa after a workout - obesity, excess weight, public park, urge to eat, unhealthy lifestyle
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Happy Indian bride and friends on video call - Mehendi ceremony, traditional wedding, joyous celebration
Loving family celebrating Indian wedding ceremony together - Mehendi function, Hindu marriage ritual
Young Indian couple dancing at their Sangeet - musical night, Bollywood songs, Bhangra, pre-wedding celebration
Sweet mother and sister applying mehndi to groom's hand - henna ceremony, Indian wedding ritual, Hindu culture
Adorable ethnic mother blessing her son during his Mehendi - henna ceremony, symbolic gesture, warding off evil eye/bad luck
A man showing a POS machine at a petrol pump - gas station, smiling, new technology concept, online payment, mobile payment, digital currency
Young bachelor drizzling oil in a non-stick pan - cooking at home, staying alone, office going, vegetable oil, induction cooktop
Handsome Indian man making fried eggs in non-stick pan - cooking at home, home-style cooking, homemade meal
Millennial Indian man pouring clean drinking water in pan - cooking at home, mineral/filtered water, homemade food
Smiling fit Indian man showing homemade salad bowl to the camera - healthy food, nutrient-rich, balanced diet
Attractive health-conscious Indian man making a salad - balanced diet, nutritious meal, vegan/organic food
Closeup shot of signing an important document with pen - financial investment, partnership agreement, legal settlement
A young girl is using her smartphone to shop online - bank credit card, debit card, online shopping, digital payment
Happy Asian girl playing video Games on TV - Joyful gaming session, playstation, advanced games, gaming addiction, adrenaline rush
A beautiful excited young Indian girl playing video games - wireless controller, playing on tv, wireless remote
Young girl getting ready for travel - packing clothes in a blue suitcase, travel concept, living in suitcase, how to pack
Closeup shot of masseuse giving herbal compress balls on the back of a woman - panchkarma, potli massage
A professional woman masseuse uses herbal compress balls massage on the back of a woman, panchkarma, potli massage
An upset Indian woman experiencing bad network service from telecom operator - poor mobile signal, teenager, mobile addiction
Indian man drinking a refreshing glass of water - pouring from jug, healthy habit, hydration, thirsty, sipping water
An Indian male tailor talking orders on phone - sewing machine, muslim worker, muslim man with beard
A pretty woman keeping brightly burning Diyas on a table - Diwali celebrations, Onam, Housewarming, Diwali puja
A happy Indian woman with a plate of oil lamps - Diwali celebrations, Diwali diyas, Diwali lights
A pretty Indian woman with multicolored decorative lights for Deepavali, Onam, Baisakhi, Indian festival, smiling girl