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A young Indian doctor checking the body temperature of a baby with an infrared thermometer - Home visit, Home consultation, health checkup
Upset Indian woman measuring her belly fat and looking fed up - Health Issues
Overweight Indian woman eating a healthy organic green salad at home - Health concept
An attractive businesswoman in casual clothes smoking a cigarette at home - bad habit, spoilt kid, health hazard
Young village couple getting information about health insurance policy from an agent
An elderly Indian woman wearing eyeglasses is checking her doctor's prescription - a medical prescription
A senior Indian woman suffering from flu resting at home - a viral infection, unwell, an allergic disease, lonely life
An old Indian lady massaging her feet while resting on the bed - old age issues, pain, treatment
A sick young man drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home - beverage, self-treatment, health and medical
An Indian teenage girl wearing a woolen cap is using tissue paper to blow her runny nose - winter season, high fever, body temperature
A caring Indian mother checking her son's body temperature with a thermometer - sick child, medical problem
A pretty Indian lady with a severe headache sitting on the floor in the living room - single mother, Indian family
A female doctor from a local medical center doing checkup of a young girl in the village - Health checkup, Preventive care
A caring mother and a loving grandfather doing first aid of their child at home
A young doctor in white uniform against a green chroma screen looking back
A senior doctor wearing a white overcoat giving medicine to her patient in a clinic
Tasty sweet product / honey pouring from a wooden spoon - cooking ingredient
Portrait of a young asthmatic patient using an inhaler to breathe easily
A sick young Indian girl speaking to a doctor using her mobile at home - online consultation
Tea seasoned with Tulsi leaves pouring in a clear mug - health and medicine - Black tea
A doctor's hand counting the disposable mask and keeping them on the table
Male hands of a doctor removing his gloves after completing a successful surgery
Smart young boy wiping the sweat on his face and neck during exercise in the park
Young man pumping his abdomen while doing crunches on a mat in the morning
Tilt view of a young man meditating under a tree inside a park in the morning
Portrait of youth with drops of sweat on his whole face - intense workout concept
An unhappy man suffering from neck / shoulder pain at home - health problems
A woman suffering from pain massaging her lower back - health and medical