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Portrait of a little girl child smiling while looking at the camera - happy mood
A close-up shot of a sweet little girl in her living room, smiling at everyone
A cute little girl smiling in a princess costume against the white background
Cute little child girl sleeping in a bedroom at night. Sweet dreams. Childhood concept
Pretty Indian bride holding her Ghoonghat/veil posing in her marriage ceremony
Diwali celebration - Young married couple celebrating first Diwali. Love, Care, Bonding
Indian overweight woman with a beautiful smile looking towards the camera - Happiness Concept
Active playful cute child girl playing with two dolls while seated isolated on the bed in her room - Happy Childhood
Young Indian Married Couple - Playing ludo board game sitting on floor. Priceless expressions of shock, happiness and jealousy
A young couple posing happily for pictures with their sweet and adorable child
Indian Hindu male with grey-black hair and beard
Happy girlfriends in casual clothes clicking a selfie using a mobile
Pretty girlfriends enjoying singing songs together holding a hairbrush at home
A young girl holding a brightly burning Diya at home during Diwali celebrations
Young Indian brother-sister burning firecrackers / Phuljhadis together at home - Diwali celebrations
Kids celebrating Diwali by burning firecrackers / phuljhari
Young Indian woman in a pretty Sari burning sparkler / Phuljadi during Diwali
Beautiful lady in a pretty Saree hugging her partner while holding a gift box - a celebration time
A modern middle-aged couple - Bonding during the festive season
An Indian man and his beautiful wife decorating their house with marigold flowers - an Indian festival
Father and son bonding during Diwali celebration - Son hugging father
Small Indian family - Celebrating Diwali together, Clicking a selfie during Diwali
Attractive parents happily enjoying Diwali holidays with their children at home
A beautiful girl holding a well lit Diya / oil lamp during a Hindu festival
A cheerful woman standing with a plate of clay Diyas while celebrating Diwali
Young Indian female laughing while talking on a mobile with a festive background
A beautiful Indian girl enjoying eating homemade Laddus in the festive season
A happy woman in an ethnic dress clicking a selfie on the Hindu festival of Diwali