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Indian female giving a big smile - success, empowerment, portrait of a young woman, teenage girl, college girl
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
Close-up shot of a young woman getting leg and feet massage in resort spa salon - healthcare, massage oil concept, acupressure
A middle-aged unhealthy hungry man enjoying a variety of snacks at home - munching time, junk food, junk snacks
Closeup shot of a middle-aged Indian man taking a bite of chocolate pastry - dessert, sugar, sweet, tasty
4k stock of a man enjoying the chocolate pastry - having a good time, feeling good and satisfied, high sugar food, junk food, unhealthy lifestyle
Close-up shot of an Indian man enjoying a burger - fast food, unhealthy convenience diet
An overweight Indian man smelling hamburger and biting an apple - healthy diet, junk food, choosing right food
A young smart man posing for the camera with a smiling face - happy facial expression, wheatish skin, brown man
Portrait shot of an Indian man slowly smiling - dental checkup, white teeth, smile makeover
Indian young man looks excited - thrilled, euphoric, enthusiastic, winning streak
Indian woman drinking coffee/tea - asian, tea tasting session, trying a hot drink, ceramic coffee mug
A beautiful young Indian woman looking at the camera and smiling - portrait, closeup
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
An old man and a young boy browsing on a smartphone - use of technology, mobile phone overuse, addiction, friendly parent
An elderly Indian father hugging his young daughter and son - loving father, single father, good parenting, home visit, holiday break
Young Indian brother-sister playing a board game together - playing chess, checkmate, strategy game
Two Indian teenagers playing a board game - Happy Indian brother and sister, childhood game, dice game
An old Indian couple in conversation over a cup of tea / coffee - retired life, old age, self-dependent, away from kids
An attractive old Indian male is giving a head massage to his wife - happy couple, couple bonding, home treatment, ayurvedic treatment, home remedy, headache
An old Indian lady is giving an oil massage to her tired husband - relaxation, caring wife, old couple, champi, salt and pepper look, oiling, healthy hair, hair care
An old Indian lady hugging her young grandchildren - grand mother, bonding, love, cool mother, single mother, quality time
A happy Indian grandmother and her granddaughter are clicking a selfie together - modern lifestyle
An Indian grandfather feeding a cake to his lovely grandson - celebration time, happy family, small family
Dirty waters in the Kerala backwaters - South India, natural environment, houseboats, shikara, transportation
A houseboat is sailing / moving - transportation, experience, Kerala backwaters, tourism, offbeat experience
Indian mother and daughter taking a picture - Diwali, Indian festival, smartphone, selfie, festive vibes, Onam, Vaisakhi