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Portrait of a little girl child smiling while looking at the camera - happy mood
A close-up shot of a sweet little girl in her living room, smiling at everyone
A cute little girl smiling in a princess costume against the white background
Cute little child girl sleeping in a bedroom at night. Sweet dreams. Childhood concept
Pretty Indian bride holding her Ghoonghat/veil posing in her marriage ceremony
Diwali celebration - Young married couple celebrating first Diwali. Love, Care, Bonding
Indian overweight woman with a beautiful smile looking towards the camera - Happiness Concept
Active playful cute child girl playing with two dolls while seated isolated on the bed in her room - Happy Childhood
Young Indian Married Couple - Playing ludo board game sitting on floor. Priceless expressions of shock, happiness and jealousy
Human / female hands writing the word "SUGAR" with the help of letters and alphabets
Young woman using mobile and chatting at night - leisure time. Long-distance relationship
A cheerful-looking Indian father, mother, and son posing in front of the camera
A young married couple hugging each other happily while posing for the camera
Chandigarh, India - June 17, 2020: Portrait of a youngster in his mid-thirties having fun while riding an animal carousel
Portrait of a cheerful boy wearing a yellow T-shirt eating a slice of tasty pizza
Portrait of a young man in bedroom in a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans having cold drinks
Confident Indian boy smiling while standing near a tree - relaxation concept
A smiling youngster with a blue headphone checking his mobile in the park
Attractive Indian youngster talking on a video call while studying in a park
Portrait of a smart boy reading an interesting book while standing under a tree
Happy cute teenage girl finishing a glass of farm-fresh milk - healthy beverage
Woman taking a spoon full of cake to feed her daughter - celebration concept - Indian mother-daughter bonding
A mom blowing candles on the cake and celebrating her birthday with her teen girl
Slow-motion shot of a mother happy to receive a lovely bouquet from her daughter
Smiling young player posing with a ball while standing against a colorful background
A village mother and her teenage daughter smiling while facing each other
Affectionate husband gives a surprise gift to his wife - togetherness and bonding
Modern Indian woman helping her businessman husband to wear a coat while getting ready - Happily Married