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A teenage boy is using a smartphone while he is in the hospital - patient in hospital, recovering from a medical problem
A young male patient is breathing through an oxygen mask - respiratory problems, sickness, terminally ill, medical issue
A sick boy is recovering in the hospital ward - health and medical, medical treatment
A young Indian boy with an oxygen mask lying down on a hospital bed - sick patient, medical insurance, medicare, hospital care
Female Indian doctor with terminally ill patient in the hospital - young patient, using a stethoscope, medical care, young boy on oxygen
Indian boy sitting on camel's back and capturing photos - photography, hobby, Pushkar mela, sand dunes, sand safari, camel safari
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, Young Indian boy clicking a selfie while sitting on a camel - leisure time, sand safari
Closeup shot of a hand with loose sand falling - desert area, grains of sand, sand particles
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, A boy wearing an orange head scarf before praying at a Gurdwara - a Sikh religion, rituals
A smart young man bowing his head down while praying - religious faith and belief, Almighty
Closeup shot of a boy wearing an orange head scarf bowing down and touching his head on the floor for prayers at the Gurudwara
Pushkar Gurudwara - a religious place for worship for Sikhs - offering prayers, religious faith and belief
A young man offering his prayers at the Gurdwara Sahib in Pushkar - religious faith, sikh
Small North Indian family in the living room - family bonding, happy Indian family during festival, nuclear family
Young Asian man in traditional Indian dress clicking a selfie - posing for Diwali celebration, Diwali lights
Indian man using a mobile phone - browsing smartphone. Diwali festival celebration
A handsome Indian guy smiling and greeting people with a Namaste gesture during the Diwali festival - decorated with colorful walla
Male patient with a bandage on his head posing for the camera - physical injury, head injury, bandage on the head with blood stain
A rural Indian man and his beautiful wife cuddling their newborn child in hospital bed - new parents, love and affection
An Indian man from a village talking on the phone - his wife resting in a hospital bed
A female patient refusing to have fruits while in the hospital room - healthy food, nutritious diet, patient diet, sick woman, healthcare in India
Young father with his new born baby and mother in the hospital room - family bonding, tired parents, sleep deprived
A caring Indian husband gives a medicine pill to his wife in the hospital bed - healthcare concept
An Indian father holding his newborn baby - parenthood, parent and baby, childbirth in a hospital
A middle-aged Indian lady doctor consulting - CT scan of head and brain, radiology, medical examination
Newborn baby in a hospital - Indian father with his newborn baby and sick wife in the hospital, happy parents, new parents with baby
Indian female in a hospital room - Hospital patient in the hospital bed for medical treatment - medical and healthcare
Middle-aged Indian couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple