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Handsome boy taking selfies in a park on a bright sunny day
Young handsome Indian man happily talking on the phone
Mid shot of a young handsome boy sitting on a bench in a park reading a book with serious expressions
Handsome Indian man happily gesturing thumbs-ups while standing in the kitchen
Portrait shot of an attractive Indian young man in the kitchen - smiling, Indian cook, Indian husband
A handsome guy putting a beautiful Gajra on his wife's hair - festive feel, romantic couple, South Indian couple, South India, Indian diversity
A young man doing work from home due to an outbreak of Coronavirus in India - a remote job, hybrid work, new age office
Handsome Indian man listening to music using his wireless earphones - fun and entertainment, song playlist
A sweet little girl reading a storybook while sitting on her father's lap - happy parenting, an interesting book
A handsome young man giving his beautiful wife a foot massage - relaxation, a tired housewife, Indian couple
A handsome young man and his little daughter playing a video game - leisure time, gaming console, nuclear family
A little girl watching her favorite program on television with her parents at home - fun and entertainment, happy parenting
A middle-aged attractive man wearing traditional clothes talking on his mobile - leisure time
An attractive male in traditional clothes resting / relaxing in the living room - a short nap
An aged man and his handsome son having fun blowing soap bubbles together - a fun activity, a childhood game, bubble wands
A handsome bearded farmer talking on his smartphone while relaxing on a Chaarpai - Green wheat field
A smiling young man watching a comedy movie while relaxing alone at home - leisure time
A handsome Indian boy watching an online video / movie - fun and entertainment, a modern lifestyle, binge-watching
A young Muslim man reading a holy book - an Islamic prayer in the morning, white skull cap
A handsome guy giving a wonderful present to his beautiful wife - Eid celebrations, a festive season, a surprise gift
A young man performs Namaz during the festival of Eid - an Islamic prayer, Ramadan, faith, belief
A handsome Muslim guy in traditional wear wishes his friends over a call for the Eid festival - a festive season, celebration time
A middle-aged man with a black mustache pouring an alcoholic drink from a decanter - sommelier, alcoholic, addict
A handsome young man with a stubble enjoys reading a book - a favorite pastime, an interesting book
An affectionate father lifting up his cheerful infant - a happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
A handsome guy and a beautiful lady reading books together - a favorite pastime, knowledge and education
A handsome guy and a beautiful woman playing with a yellow flying disc - an outdoor sport, a plastic disc
A young Indian girl child hugs her father - warm hug, love and affection, relationship and togetherness, love and bonding