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A confident old Indian professor standing well dressed in formals outside a government school - aged man
Indian man looked doubtful and unsure - confused, doesn't know anything facial expression, portrait shot
A young Indian streamer stressed while playing a an online game - gaming room
A pro gamer sits in front of a computer - playing online internet games, online gaming technology concept, video game
A young smart man posing for the camera with a smiling face - happy facial expression, wheatish skin, brown man
An Indian man saying no to something - refusing the offer, rejecting the plan, gesture of no, not listening
Portrait shot of an Indian man slowly smiling - dental checkup, white teeth, smile makeover
A professional Indian gamer addicted to playing online video games - interior gaming setup at home
A sick Indian boy is doing a thumbs-up gesture while relaxing in the hospital - cheerful, wellness, approval
Heart monitor and medicines kept in front of it - sick teenage boy, oxygen mask, hospital bed, medical equipment, respiratory issues
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Loving family celebrating Indian wedding ceremony together - Mehendi function, Hindu marriage ritual
Sweet mother and sister applying mehndi to groom's hand - henna ceremony, Indian wedding ritual, Hindu culture
Adorable ethnic mother blessing her son during his Mehendi - henna ceremony, symbolic gesture, warding off evil eye/bad luck
An old man and a young boy browsing on a smartphone - use of technology, mobile phone overuse, addiction, friendly parent
An aged Indian male and female watching television together with their grandkids - fun and entertainment, favourite pastime, strain on eyes, tv addition
Young Indian brother-sister playing a board game together - playing chess, checkmate, strategy game
Young Indian brother-sister enjoy playing a game of carrom together - board game, indoor game, learning a new game
Indian young man getting shaved at a salon - makeover for men, pampering session, personal care, beauty and styling services
Indian businessman drinking and smoking at home - substance abuse, bad news, financial crisis, anger issues, addiction
Professional Indian executive working on laptop - analyzing data, doing market research, building strategies
Focused Indian employee tying a necktie and checking laptop - getting ready for presentation, job interview
Successful Indian businessman getting ready for office - checking email on laptop, preparing for conference call
Young bachelor drizzling oil in a non-stick pan - cooking at home, staying alone, office going, vegetable oil, induction cooktop
Handsome Indian man making fried eggs in non-stick pan - cooking at home, home-style cooking, homemade meal
Millennial Indian man pouring clean drinking water in pan - cooking at home, mineral/filtered water, homemade food
Handsome Indian guy adding red pepper powder to the food - Lal Mirch, spicy food, authentic seasoning
Indian boy adding freshly sliced tomatoes in salad bowl - healthy and nutritious meal, vegetarian food, green garden salad, bachelor, staying alone