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Attractive village lady in Saree cleaning rice in a traditional bamboo rice cleaner
Two school-going children posing cheerfully for the camera - child education
Sideview of a clean-shaved healthy youngster sweating after workout training
Half face of a young Indian male moving his face straight up towards the camera
Portrait of an Indian youngster looking towards the camera
Pregnant middle-aged housewife and her farmer husband standing at their home
Portrait of a rural male with a beard posing for the camera during the night
Village scene of a handsome Indian middle-aged farmer busy talking on his smartphone
Middle-aged village couple using a laptop at their house - modern technology
Affectionate Indian village couple standing indoors while smiling for the camera
Indian male showing thumbs-up sign while holding a football - active lifestyle
Tired youngster taking a towel to wipe his perspiring face after a workout session
Indian muscular male in blue sportswear bouncing a soccer ball with hand indoors
Portrait of a smiling sports person standing with a soccer ball - active lifestyle
Sportsman exercising for arm muscles using dumbbell - fitness and health
Fit Indian bodybuilder lifting weight dumbbells for biceps training - sports activity
Side view of a teenager with short black hair moving his face towards the camera
Handsome and muscular Indian athlete stretching his arms and muscles - a healthy lifestyle
Side view of an urban Indian youngster with earphones enjoying music indoors
A muscular youngster wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, looking up towards the camera
A confident and stylish adult looking up towards the camera - healthy lifestyle
Indian college going male with silky black hair standing against a colorful wall
Fit and healthy man in a medical mask for protection from pollution and diseases
Indian youngster wearing a medical mask for protection from Coronavirus pandemic
Portrait of a serious Indian sportsman looking confidently at the camera
Half face of healthy Indian male showing his biceps against a dark background
Portrait of young handsome Indian man cheerfully looking straight at the camera
Portrait of half face of young handsome Indian man looking straight at the camera