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An Indian village woman carrying a pitcher (Ghara) full of water on her head
Close up shot of a diesel water pump helping Indian villagers to irrigate fields
An Indian village scene with a boy sitting on a cot holding a puppy in his hand
Aged Indian granny happily reading a book with her grandsons - village scene
Long shot of a beautiful rural area with field, crops, trees, and morning sky
Long shot of an Indian farmer roaming in his agricultural field in Delhi/NCR, India
Rural landscape view of a beautiful agricultural land during the daytime in India
Haldi ceremony - Closeup shot of woman hands placing a bowl of Haldi powder
Closeup of woman hands placing bunches of Durva grass on a decorated platform
Pan shot of beautifully placed Haldi ceremony items placed on a wooden table
Rural landscape view of a beautiful grassy wheat field during daytime in India
Young graduated girl holding her graduation degree in pride - convocation ceremony
Attractive Indian graduate posing towards the camera with a big smile on her face
Pan shot - Woman hands clicking pictures of college pupils on graduation day
Happy group of young teenagers posing for the photo on convocation ceremony
Group of Indian students taking selfies with a smartphone during the convocation ceremony
Beautiful Indian girl coming to congratulate her best friend on university graduation
Cheerful Indian girls playing with organic Gulal colors in a park - Holi festival
Top view shot of Indian teenagers greeting on the joyful occasion of Holi festival
Young people recording funny selfie video with colored Gulal faces - Holi festival
Healthy beautiful lady practicing Matsyendrasan Asana (half twist pose) on a yoga mat - sportswear
Beautiful green grassy paddy field during daytime in India - healthy food
Hands of an Indian farmer examining fresh rice plant in the organic paddy field
Still shot of a beautiful agricultural field of rice during daytime in an Indian farm
Young agricultural laborer checking fresh rice plants at the farm in India - Village Scene
Moving shot of ears of rice in the paddy field during daytime - agriculture concept in Indian village
Closeup shot of ripened rice ears ready for harvesting in India - farming concept - Village Scene
Pan shot of young cauliflower grows in the agricultural field of a farmer in India - Village Harvest