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A small adorable girl in casual clothes running with red balloons in a public park
A pretty Indian teenage girl with braided hair - headshot, happy girl, natural surroundings, village Life, simple lifestyle
A cable car ride - ropeway going to Savitri temple hilltop in Pushkar, sightseeing, transportation
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A large number of people standing on stairs on a hilltop
A happy teenage girl eating chocolate sitting under a shady tree - sweet tooth
Young Indian mother and a teenage daughter in sportswear meditating in a lotus position - Morning yoga
Two young Indian girls walking while carrying yoga mats after their workouts in the park - fitness, healthy lifestyle
A young Indian mother in a tracksuit teaching her teenage daughter to ride a bicycle
A mountain goat grazing in the open fields - a mammal, cattle, livestock
A herd of cows and buffaloes grazing in an open field / green pastures in the in Himachal Pradesh, India - Mammals, mountain area
A bird is flying across the river / lake - ecology, a natural source of water
Indian father with his adorable son riding on his back - leisure time, fun activity, family time, public park, picnic, parenting
Indian father and son spending quality time on a picnic in a farmhouse - the piggybank, future needs, an educational loan, monthly savings
A modern Indian couple hugging while looking at each other - a romantic couple, relationship and bonding
A happy schoolgirl twisting and turning a yellow Hula hoop in her hand - playtime, a fun activity, picnic
Cute little siblings playing with their parents in the public park - love and affection, relationship and togetherness
A handsome young man with a stubble enjoys reading a book - a favorite pastime, an interesting book
A sweet little girl in casual clothes swinging / practicing with a Hula-hoop - an outdoor exercise, fun activity
A handsome guy and a beautiful woman playing with a yellow flying disc - an outdoor sport, a plastic disc
A beautiful baby girl enjoys playing with a pink colored balloon attached to a string - a fun activity, a happy childhood
A cute baby girl learning to walk - Playing with a colorful balloon, happy childhood, freedom, a fun activity
Indian family picnic in a farmhouse - Young parents with their girl and infant - family bonding, happy parenting
Lush greenery with Palm trees in a forest in Backwater- Beautiful scenery, natural surrounding, green environment
Townpark, Faridabad, Haryana, India - December 08, 2021 - An Indian family doing yoga and breathing exercise in a park - peaceful environment, relaxing
Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, 8th November 2021, Cheetal / spotted deer at the Ranthambore National park
A carefree child happily running in the park with both his arms wide open
A school-aged young boy enjoys playing football in a public park - active lifestyle
A handsome school-aged kid enjoys while playing with a ball alone in the park