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Table decorated with beautiful tea-set, a plate of cookies, and sugar cubes - chai, Indian beverage, coffee beans
Christmas ornaments and candles, beautifully arranged near a Christmas tree, capture the festive and enchanting atmosphere
Indian female putting Christmas ball decoration into the tree branch for Christmas celebration
Footage of Christmas decorations with candle burning and Christmas ornaments
Indian woman preparing for her exams at home - Mid night studies, education, concentration, fresh coffee, coffee benefits
Corn kernels scattered / rolled onto a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce
A woman putting a gold coin in her golden piggybank - monthly salary, saving deposit
A lady putting a golden 10 Rupee coin in a golden piggybank - future investment, financial planning, kids saving
A female putting a 10 Rupee coin inside her piggybank - financial saving, financial planning
A middle-aged woman is watering holy Tulsi plant using a brass utensil - Puja ritual, Indian lady, Hindu rituals
A middle-aged Indian woman in a Saree pouring water into a Tulsi plant - Indian ritual, holy plant
A female eating french fries with tomato ketchup - appetizer, deep fried, high cholesterol diet, sugary cola
Female clicking pictures of a burger and french fries kept on a plate - social media posts, posting a picture, image sharing
Black cola / cold drink is being poured in a transparent glass - dark fizzy drink, refreshing drink, aerated drinks
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Crispy and crunchy cornflakes dropping into a white bowl - nutritious food
Powdered Haldi and dried Haldi sticks - Golden spice, healthy spices, fight against diseases, home remedy
Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place New Delhi, India, 20th September 2022, Young boys bathing at Sarovar in Gurudwara - Holy water bath
Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place New Delhi, India, 20th September 2022, Young kids taking a holy dip at Sarovar at Gurudwara - Holy water
Vegetable burger with french fries kept on a plate - unhealthy food, fried food
Making vegetable burgers in Kitchen - vegetable patty, cheese slice, cabbage
Mayonnaise falling on a bun slice with sesame seeds - burger ingredient, fast doo,
Golden yellow french fries kept in a heap rotating on a white plate on a turntable - deep-fried, crispy potato fingers, unhealthy food
Corn kernels scattered in a pile on a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce, Indian corn
Indian village couple happily saving money in a money bank - financial planning, saving for girl marriage, future plans
Happy Indian village family saving money - piggy bank, financial security, financial planning
A happy bearded farmer with a handful of golden wheat grains near a tubewell - agricultural produce, wheat crop
Caramel / maple syrup poured on a slice of chocolate pastry