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Fresh watermelon juice with mint leaves and ice cubes pouring in a glass - Summer fruit India
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables bought by her from a nearby shop
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables to prepare healthy food in her kitchen
Fresh yellow, red, and green capsicums rotating on a turntable - black background
Fresh roots of ginger with finely ground ginger powder - known as Adarak in Hindi
Finely ground ginger powder with fresh ginger roots - Indian ayurvedic spices
Fresh roots of ginger with dry ginger powder in a rotating white plate - healthy spices of India
Human hand keeping a transparent glass of fresh orange juice with a straw in it
Closeup shot of pouring fresh refined oil from a yellow cane used during cooking
Closeup shot of pouring fresh refined oil used for cooking food in the kitchens
Village scene of freshwater going into the agricultural fields - irrigation concept
Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
A happy young woman cutting fresh fruits in her kitchen while talking to a friend on her smartphone
Freshly sliced watermelon kept on a ceramic plate rotating on a turntable - Summer fruit India
A happy young woman taking out freshly squeezed juice using her hands in her modern kitchen
Unpeeled pineapple with stalk spinning and rotating against a white background
Fresh and plump pineapple wearing black sunglasses - summer vacation concept
Fresh nutritional pineapple rotating / spinning against a colorful background
Slow-motion shot of unpeeled pineapple isolated against a white background
Transparent straw dipped in a glass of kiwi fruit juice - a tasty drink for healthy diet
Cool fresh kiwi fruit juice in a transparent container against a white background
Green ripened kiwi smoothie making process inside a blender - a refreshing drink
Pouring of fresh milk in a blender with slices of banana to make a healthy smoothie - Summer drink India
Slices of juicy watermelon falling in a porcelain bowl - tropical summer fruit
Fresh watermelon smoothie with mint leaves and ice cubes - a healthy drink, Summer fruit India
Bubbles coming out of a glass jar with sliced watermelon cubes and mint leaves
Lady's hand keeping / placing fresh watermelon popsicles on a wooden table
Creamy milk is poured into a clear glass of mango shake - a healthy drink, Summer drink India