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A street vendor in casual clothes pouring fresh lemonade juice / sikanji in a disposable glass
A glass of fresh beetroot beverage decorated with a slice splashing out
Fresh watermelon juice with mint leaves and ice cubes pouring in a glass - Summer fruit India
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables bought by her from a nearby shop
A beautiful girl cutting fresh vegetables to prepare healthy food in her kitchen
Fresh yellow, red, and green capsicums rotating on a turntable - black background
Fresh roots of ginger with finely ground ginger powder - known as Adarak in Hindi
Finely ground ginger powder with fresh ginger roots - Indian ayurvedic spices
Fresh roots of ginger with dry ginger powder in a rotating white plate - healthy spices of India
Fresh plum drink decorated with a slice of lemon and an ice cube pouring in a glass - Indian summer fruit
A slice of red plum dropped inside a glass of fresh juice decorated with a lemon - Indian summer fruit
Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
A happy young woman cutting fresh fruits in her kitchen while talking to a friend on her smartphone
A well dressed young boy drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink
Pouring fresh cream into a glass bowl to make a tasty dessert
Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, 25th November 2021, A local food vendor in the street market making fresh juice for his customers
Clicking a photo of assorted breakfast items on a white plate
Wheels of a sugarcane juice fenite machine moving slowly in a local market
A street vendor in a roadside stall preparing soft drinks in a disposable glass
Water is being sprayed on the green whole and sliced pears kept together
Refreshing buttermilk / Chaas being seasoned with cumin seeds from the top
Female squeezing a fresh lime juice on a white ceramic plate with lotus seeds
Buttermilk / Chaas pouring in a glass made of clay - a beautiful crockery
Buttermilk with Jeera is garnished with fresh mint leaves before drinking
Female slicing a fresh watermelon with a sharp knife in the kitchen
An Indian chef shaping dough to prepare fresh homemade pizza at home - tasty food
Zoom in shot of a bowl full of fresh and juicy pineapple slices - healthy fruit
Herbs-mixed mayonnaise being added to fresh vegetables cooking in a pan