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A caring Indian mother putting a beautiful Jaguar on her daughter's hair - Diwali festival, festive mood
A well-lit clay Diya in the night on Diwali - Indian culture, auspicious occasion, festive season, celebration time
A young girl with her face smeared in Gulal feeling exhausted after playing Holi - leisure time, festive season
A handsome guy wearing a colorful hat is exhausted after the Holi festival celebrations - leisure time, an Indian festival, festive season, hangover
Indian teenagers wearing cool sunglasses enjoy dancing together at a Holi party - best friends, togetherness and bonding, festive mood
College friends wearing a white Kurta and a scarf enjoy clicking a selfie on Holi - festive season, leisure time, togetherness and bonding
Three Indian youngsters greeting people with a Namaste gesture on the Holi festival - traditional way, festive mood
A smiling Indian girl holding a well lit colorful Diya during the festive season - Diwali celebration, Diwali puja, Karwachauth
A pretty lady with beautiful earrings during the festive season at home
A middle-aged businessman working from home during the festive season
Side view of an Indian woman sadly gazing upwards during the festive season
Diwali preparations by Indian family - Diwali decorations, Colorful festive background, Diwali Puja, Hindu festival
A happy Indian woman with her gift box - a Diwali gift, a festive season, a celebration time
A young girl in traditional clothing opens her gift box - a Diwali gift, a festive season, a festive mood
A cute little girl with her parents in the living room - Diwali celebrations, a family bonding
A beautiful Indian mother with her sweet little daughter - sharing secrets, Diwali celebrations
Indian girl-child in ethnic wear is decorating her mother's hand with Mehendi - Diwali celebrations, Henna, Indian saree
A pretty Indian lady decorating her little girl's hand with Henna / Mehendi - Diwali celebrations, Indain culture
A middle-aged Indian lady and her cute daughter - festive season, decorated wall, background lights
Young Asian man in traditional Indian dress clicking a selfie - posing for Diwali celebration, Diwali lights
A beautiful Indian woman in an ethnic dress checking her new earrings - woman's accessories, festival celebration
Attractive woman in her twenties celebrating the Indian festival of lights - Hindu festival, festive mood, Diwali celebration, colorful decoration
Well-dressed Indian woman using her phone while holding a Puja thali with Diwali diyas - Diwali celebration
An Indian lady with a Puja Thali on Diwali - Puja rituals, Diwali diyas, Diwali puja, traditional dress saree
A beautiful girl in Indian ethnic wear working on a laptop and talking on the phone - office work during holiday, work commitments, work pressure
Closeup shot of paintbrush and acrylic color - Painting Hindu God artifact - festival preparations, Diwali puja, Hindu rituals
Female placing a well-lit oil lamp in the center of a flower Rangoli - celebration time, festive season, home decoration for Diwali
Close shot of a well-lit Diwali diyas - kept in front of Hindu god idols along with sweets