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Closeup shot of a Diwali Diya - Diwali lamp kept on the floor with flower rangoli, Diwali festival, Diwali decoration
Indian man using a mobile phone - browsing smartphone. Diwali festival celebration
Online festival celebration - Beautiful lady is offering ladoo on a video call, remote celebration, virtual celebration, Indian sweets
A young lady wearing a pretty saree and holding a Diwali Diya - Diwali celebrations, festival decoration
Closeup shot of lighting up an oil lamp placed in the center of a Rangoli - Diwali festival, Diwali diy
Closeup shot of moti choor ladoo - Indian sweet laddu on Indian festival
Diwali celebration with Diwali crackers - Indian couple burning sparklers during the Diwali festival, Hindu festival
Diwali preparation - An Indian man and his wife doing Diwali decorations, Hindu festival, floral decoration
An Indian lady in a colorful Saree lighting a brass Diya on a festival - colorful background, floral decoration
A caring Indian mother putting a beautiful Jaguar on her daughter's hair - Diwali festival, festive mood
Indian siblings happily celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan at home - Indian festival, celebration, Indian family
A small young girl wearing a blue dress feeding sweets to her elder brother - the Rakhi festival, relationship and bonding
College friends throwing colors up in the air while enjoying and playing Holi - organic colors, spring festival
A pretty lady wearing beautiful earrings posing for the camera at the Holi festival
A beautiful female wiping off the vibrant Gulal on her best friend's face - Holi festival, organic colors, sensitive skin
A man wiping off the Gulal on his friend's pretty face using a tissue paper - Holi festival celebration, organic colors
A handsome man with Gulal on his face using his mobile on Holi festival celebrations - leisure time, social media, festive season
A cheerful young man wearing a colorful hat talking on mobile at the Holi festival - leisure time
A pretty girl and a handsome boy making a video call on the Holi festival - distant communication, a festive season, a modern technology
At the festival of colors young Asian guy checking his phone and smiling - Guy face covered with Holi colors
Group of young people greeting each other on Holi festival - Holi celebration
A confident-looking guy in a traditional outfit with a Dupatta on a bright sunny afternoon - Holi festival, Indian culture and traditions
Organic color splash on man's face on Holi - Holi festival, safe Holi, Dry Holi
A beautiful Indian lady with her face covered in Holi colors smiling happily for the camera - a toothy smile, a Hindu festival
A young Indian husband-wife throwing colors up in the air while celebrating Holi - enjoyment, a Hindu festival, organic Gulal
A sweet boy and girl playing hand-clapping games - a childhood game, leisure time, a Hindu festival
A small nuclear family celebrating Holi on a farm - video call on mobile, Holi festival
A smiling young lady with her face covered with Gulal welcoming her guests - Namaste gesture, a spring festival, a traditional way