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A beautiful Puja Pandal decorated with orange marigold flowers and bells - an auspicious occasion, celebration time
Orange marigold flowers hanging in a shop in a street market - fragrance, beautiful
Indian woman offering flower to goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh - Diwali Puja, Indian festival, traditional rituals
An Indian woman choosing decorative bells for her home - decorating home, enjoying festivals, festival shopping
Beautiful clay showpieces - idols of lord Ganesha statues for decorating homes on Diwali
A beautiful Buddha fountain sold at a roadside stall for sale in India - meditating Buddha statue in a market
Close-up of Indian woman shopping for handmade jute wallet - shop in handloom market
Handcrafted decoration in a shop in India - hanging souvenir items, home decor accessories
Delhi, India - 16 Feb, 2023 - A young Indian woman looking at the wind chimes in a local fair - pre-festive shopping
Indian brother and sister enjoying while celebrating Holi - pretty, Indian culture, party hats, teenage friends
Pan shot of various sweets consumed during Indian Festival Lohri Makar Sankranti
Hands of an Indian woman serving rewri (revdi) on Lohri the harvest festival in India
Top view shot of plate full of various sweets rotating on a turntable for Lohri celebration in India
Pan shot of a woman's hand lighting up a flower-shaped candle marks the beginning of the Lohri festival with warmth and festivity
Closeup 4k pan footage of Christmas Decorations with bells, Santa Claus, burning candle, box light balls, and gifts - Festive vibe, beautiful decoration
Motion graphic shot of Gurupurab - Company wish template, company greetings
Motion graphic shot of Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti - Sikh festival, celebration, company greeting templates
Motion graphic shot of Guru Nanak Jayanti - company greetings, company wish template
Motion graphic shot of Happy Govardhan Puja - Hindu festival, company wish template, greetings
Motion Graphic shot of Happy Govardhan Puja - Hindu festival, company wish template, Greetings
A woman offering prasad, fruits, vegetables, and other items and a Diya to pray sun God at a lake during Chhath Puja
Portrait of a happy Indian woman wearing bright orange sindoor on the occasion of Chhath Puja
Closeup shot of an Indian woman smiling at the ghat during the auspicious Chhath Puja celebration, Bihari woman, newlywed girl
Indian women doing the sacred ritual of offering water to the Sun God during the Chhath Puja celebration
Beautiful women in traditional Indian attire worshiping the Sun God with agarbatti- incense sticks during Chhath puja
Closeup shot of an Indian female praying to the Sun during Chhath festival with agarbatti - Bihari Festival, Hindu Festival
Indian Hindu female and her husband performing rituals of chhath puja while standing in river to worship lord sun
Indian couple preparing their bamboo soop full of Prashad for Chhath Puja - local rituals in Bihar, South Asian couple