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Two young adorable Indian children enjoying and having fun at night - playful kids
Indian husband giving medicine and glass of water to a sick wife - Medical Condition, Health Issue
Middle-aged woman and husband doing online shopping using a credit card or debit card - Online payment at an e-commerce website
Indian Modern Family in Metro City - Husband wife sitting together and using smartphone separately
Modern day couple - Indian husband and wife busy on smartphones. Disjoint family, Social Media Impact
Frustrated Indian wife - Husband trying to calm her down. Fight scene - Modern day issues with couples
Middle age happy Indian couple sitting on the sofa - laughing, drinking tea, discussion about family matters
Indian teenage son and his middle-aged mother checking laptop and discussing - Online Education
Happy wife serving home cooked food to her husband with love and care - Family bonding
Middle aged Indian parents interrupted by son showing his grade - Happy Indian Family
Indian woman in saree worshipping Ram Darbar / family idols at home - Puja Festival Celebration
Traditional woman belonging to Hindu family lighting diya and bringing up in front of the camera - Diwali Invitation
Beautiful hands of an Indian woman wearing bangles - holding a diya. Diwali Festival
Happy Indian family sitting on the dining table - Spending time together. Family Concept
Young mother helping her son to get ready for school - Indian Family. Love, Family Concept
Indian family - Mother and son spending good time together. Mother offering milk to son
Sikh family scenario: Son showing his work to aged father on the laptop. Use of IT by senior citizen
Indian father and son holding documents and discussion work - Paperwork, Finance, Home Loan, Legal Papers
Indian father and son having a good laugh at home sitting on the couch - Happy family spending time together
Indian grandson touching his grandfather's feet for blessings before going to the school - Old man reading Sikh Hymns or Banis from Gutka
Sikh family early morning scenario: Daughter-in-law serving tea to father-in-law. Old sikh man reading Gutka
Indian caring daughter-in-law giving medicine to old father-in-law - Retiring senior, Healthcare, treatment, aging concept
Emotional Scene: Indian soldier leaving for duty, bidding goodbye to aged father - Family scene at separation
Indian soldier telling war stories to his retired father at home - Father-son spending quality family time
Close-up of smiling Indian soldier hugging his father before leaving for duty - Family
Loving and emotional wife hugging army husband before leaving - Indian soldier going for duty
Indian father getting angry at teenage son for bad behavior - Indian family scene
Indian mother and son having a light conversation over lunch at home - Family bonding