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A happy Indian couple with their two little kids relaxing - a small nuclear family, family bonding, happy family
A loving Indian mom and dad reading a storybook with their adorable son at home - favorite pastime, nighttime routine, small family
Indian village parents happily embracing their cute daughter - parenting, nuclear family in Indian village, village parents
A happy Indian couple and their young kids drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, summertime, South Indian nuclear family
Young south Indian siblings reading a book together with their mother - a small nuclear family, parenting, story time
A happy Indian husband-wife in ethnic wear using a smartphone - surprised by kids, South Indian family, traditional dress
A young supporting Indian father helping his family - modern-day parenting, caring husband - household chores, laundry, mother-daughter bonding
A caring young mother and father playing with their daughter while tickling her - nuclear family, parenting, happy childhood
India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Tourists riding on the boat - Water transport, evening outing, family love
A happy Indian couple with their two kids chatting together in the living room - a small nuclear family, family bonding
Nuclear Indian family - Indian couple and kids playing with building blocks, leisure time, happy parenting
An angry and annoyed middle-aged woman arguing with her young girl - family conflicts and misunderstanding
A middle-aged Bengali lady in a traditional Sari serving food to her family members - delicious food, homecooked cuisine
A Bengali family - Father and kids having food at the dining table - quality time, family bonding
A modern Bengali couple and their little kids having lunch / dinner together at home - quality time, family bonding
Indian family playing the hide and seek game in a public park - Three generations, grandfather, grandson
Indian family members playing with an orange-colored ball - catching practice, an active lifestyle
Grandfather, father, and a young grandson playing chess together - a board game, kids development, Indian family bonding
A cheerful family of an Indian village playing and having fun in the open field - family bonding
A cheerful Muslim family eating together during the festive season - the dinner table, Eid celebrations, family time
A happy Muslim family offering prayers before Eid - dining table, food, Eid feast, Eid celebrations
The young nuclear family in India - Muslim family, Indian father with skull cap, Indian mother and kids, parenting
Young Muslim family in India - A boy wearing a round skull cap hugging his father - love and care, happy parenting
An aged Indian couple wearing eyeglasses playing a game of chess with their grandchildren - joint family in India
A happy Muslim family wishing everyone Eid Mubarak with a glass of juice - a refreshing drink, a celebration time
A cheerful Muslim family in ethnic dress posing for a selfie together - Eid celebrations, family bonding, leisure time
Adorable kids of a Muslim family hugging / embracing each other - an auspicious occasion, a festive mood
Family picnic - Young Indian parents playing with their daughter, mother-daughter bonding, a fun game