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Bank employee with the old farmer's family - tractor purchase, Krishi Yojana, emergency loan, farmer loan
Well groomed Indian family - young daughter, old parents, successful,proud Indian parents, happy family, first job
Handsome Indian man stirring tasty food in a non-stick frying pan - mixing ingredients with wooden spatula, home chef
A cheerful old Indian couple with their son - son hugs from back side, small Indian family, new-age parents, salt and pepper look
Pretty Indian girl in festive clothes performing aarti for her brother - Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj, Indian festival
Indian mother and daughter taking a picture - Diwali, Indian festival, smartphone, selfie, festive vibes, Onam, Vaisakhi
A teenage girl teaching her grandmother how to use a mobile - skill gap, importance of mobile phones, use of phones
An affectionate Indian grandmother is feeding a cake to her young grandson - loving family, celebration time, happy Indian small nuclear family
A teenage boy feeding and smudging her sister's face with a cake - angry sister, elder sister, sibling bonding, fun and enjoyment
A young Indian mother is kissing her daughter on the forehead - love and affection, happy family
A young housewife is knitting woolen clothes while chatting with her little daughter - knitwear, craft and skills, free time
A sweet girl with her mother while wrapped in a blanket in the winter season - gossip, nighttime stories, divorced mother
Indian housewife and her little girl talking on a video call - online call, use of technology, single mother
Cooking a local Indian dish in a non-stick frying pan - aloo-jeera sabzi, Indian cuisine
A caring Indian daughter with her sick father in the hospital - old man in hospital, senior citizen care
A middle-aged lower-class family lady is kneading the wheat dough for Chapatis / Rotis, small house, single room, migrant worker, dark skin
A young Indian girl sorting Diwali lights for Diwali decoration - multicolored LED lights, decorative lights, Chinese lights
A beautiful Indian woman wearing bangles matching her saree - Indian housewife, non working mother
Two close friends dressed in traditional Indian attire are getting ready for Diwali celebration
Two Indian friends getting ready in front of the mirror - festival vibes, diwali celebration, sister's bonding, Indian festival
Delhi, India, 29th Sept 2022, Night view of people enjoying the colorful glowing rides and swings in Amusement park
Delhi, India, 29th Sept 2022, Shot of kids enjoying the car ride at an Indian amusement park fun fair
An attractive female petting a baby to make him sleep - caring mother, new mother, mother-baby bonding, happy parenting
A tired pregnant lady relaxing in the bed - touching her tummy while sleeping, baby kicks from the womb
A tired Indian mother holding her adorable son in her arms while he is sleeping - breast feeding a baby
A young mother playing with her adorable little son - new mother, healthy mother, doula in India, nursing support
A young man and a pretty woman painting a wall together - rubber gloves for paint work, teamwork, home renovation, couple bonding, couple goals
A smartly dressed man and a woman making a video call during the home renovation - home repair