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A young girl patient putting a nasal oxygen tube in her nose - respiratory problems, a medical equipment
Delhi, India, April/2020 - Close up shot of a blow torch heating up the metal - Hardwork, labor, daily wages, craftsman
Delhi, India, April/2020- Close up shot of the man while cutting the metal - Hardwork, labor, daily wages, craftsman
A middle-aged lady / female candidate casting her vote at a voting center - elections, fundamental rights, a democratic country, Indian assembly elections
A beautiful teenage girl straightening her curly hair using a hair press - hair treatment, hair straightening, hair care
A sweet girl child is stitching a piece of colorful fabric on an old sewing machine -Three generations of rural family in India
An architect wearing a yellow hard hat before starting his work
Production of thread with machinery and equipment at a textile factory
A young patient wearing a black headscarf and a nasal oxygen tube at home - a medical equipment
A professional baker uses an electric blender to whip the fresh cream to make dessert
A skilled lady of an Indian village knitting a woolen sweater from knitting yarn
Female sieving refined flour on a baking tray
Mixing the cream in a glass bowl using an electric blender - Making home made cake
Medical staff wearing personal protective equipment kit showing COVID-19 vaccine
A poor man stitching his shirt with a thread and a needle - tailor, occupation, local artisan, karigar, daily wage worker
An old Indian lady / an Indian grandmother is knitting woolen clothes - knitting yarn, hobby, housewife
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A small shoe repairing shop on the streets of a local market
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A cobbler stitching / mending a shoe - an occupation
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A worker in a small roadside shop making blinds - Chikk, shutter, shade, shield
Delhi NCR, India, 21st June 2022, A man stitching / making window blinds - repair and maintainence, small business
Delhi, India, April/2020 - Indian labor working in a roadside welding shop - welding, welder
A sweet schoolboy from an Indian village sitting on his father's lap near a tubewell - agricultural machinery, parent-child bonding
A loving father / Indian villager with his small adorable son - happy parenting, parent-child bonding, love and affection
A smart young boy pours boiling hot tea from a stainless steel kettle into a transparent glass - beverage, winter season
An election officer on duty looking at the camera while wearing a white mask - Covid-19 lifestyle, new - normal, epidemic, outbreak
A young college girl in casual clothes exercising her right to vote by pressing a button - a fundamental right, a democratic country
A middle-aged Chunaav Adhikari using a sanitizer and wearing a medical mask - Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, voting during covid
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Brightly illuminated chandeliers for sale at an exhibition