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Indian boy sitting on camel's back and capturing photos - photography, hobby, Pushkar mela, sand dunes, sand safari, camel safari
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, Young Indian boy clicking a selfie while sitting on a camel - leisure time, sand safari
Closeup shot of a hand with loose sand falling - desert area, grains of sand, sand particles
A lady placing a question mark after the Will You Marry Me phrase - marriage proposal
A lady placing a gift with a blue ribbon next to artificial flowers
A woman placing a Happy Woman's Day tag on a colorful present
Will You Marry Me Marriage Proposal- decorated with flowers, word formation
Colorful gift box on the occasion of Women's Day - celebration time
Women's Day - writing Happy Women's Day with plastic letters
A young girl in traditional clothing opens her gift box - a Diwali gift, a festive season, a festive mood
Closeup shot of a Diwali Diya - Diwali lamp kept on the floor with flower rangoli, Diwali festival, Diwali decoration
A cute little girl with her parents in the living room - Diwali celebrations, a family bonding
Indian man giving a Diwali gift to his beautiful wife - Diwali celebration, Indian family, Indian couple
A beautiful Indian mother with her sweet little daughter - sharing secrets, Diwali celebrations
An affectionate Indian mother giving a surprise gift to her young daughter - Diwali celebrations
Indian mother and daughter celebrating Indian Hindu festival Diwali at home - colorful background
A middle-aged Indian lady and her cute daughter - festive season, decorated wall, background lights
Happy Indian family - Young parents with cure daughter. Posing for the camera in the decorated house, Diwali get together
Happy Indian family in traditional dress for Diwali celebration - Diwali decoration with colorful lights and flowers
Young Asian man in traditional Indian dress clicking a selfie - posing for Diwali celebration, Diwali lights
Indian man using a mobile phone - browsing smartphone. Diwali festival celebration
A beautiful Indian female in a traditional dress saree lighting a brass Diwali lamp - Diyas during a festival
Attractive woman in her twenties celebrating the Indian festival of lights - Hindu festival, festive mood, Diwali celebration, colorful decoration
Online festival celebration - Beautiful lady is offering ladoo on a video call, remote celebration, virtual celebration, Indian sweets
A beautiful girl in Indian ethnic wear working on a laptop and talking on the phone - office work during holiday, work commitments, work pressure
A beautiful Indian girl in an ethnic dress painting a Hindu God idol - Indian culture and customs
Beautiful Indian woman counting money and keeping them in an envelope - Indian currency banknotes, Shagun ka lifafa, Indian customs
Pretty Indian girl writing messages for the Diwali gifts - Diwali wishes and greetings