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South-Indian family enjoying the festival of Diwali - festival celebration, crackers, family union, family gathering, nuclear family
A loving family posing for the camera in a beautiful traditional outfit - Diwali celebration, nuclear South Indian family
Husband and wife feeding sweets to each other on the festive occasion - Colorful background with lights
Romantic Old-aged Indian couple - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple, old age care, old age love, golden years
Happy Indian family - parents with daughter posing for the camera in the decorated house, festive season, Diwali celebration
Old Indian couple greeting people on Diwali - Indian culture, Namaste gesture, Diwali celebrations, home entrance greeting
A charming old man giving a Diwali gift to his beautiful wife - putting necklace, old age love, celebrating golden jubilee, happy anniversary, gold necklace
Adorable Indian family taking selfies or self photographs at home - colorful, decorated background, Festive season
A married couple happily chatting on a video call during Diwali festival - Diwali decorations, a Hindu festival, festive season
An old-aged Indian couple is decorating a floral Rangoli with rose petals for Diwali
Closeup shot of a couple holding hands on a green screen - Bonding, connect, chroma key
A handsome man and charming woman giving a high-five - green screen concept
A loving husband and wife standing and watching away from the camera - green screen - pointing fingers at a copy space
An upset young couple stands with backs to each other with offended expressions on their faces - green screen
An Indian couple holding a cup and having a conversation on a green screen
Newly-wed Indian woman celebrating Karwa Chauth festival in traditional wear - wearing traditional saree
Two young Indian girls using a smartphone: video call, festive season, wishing Diwali, Diwali celebration, Indian festival
A happy Indian family watching a comedy movie in an open area - movie time, entertainment
A nuclear family spending their time with their daughter while chatting - daughter, husband, wife
Indian family enjoying their leisure time in the garden - happy childhood, good parenting, small Indian family, young parents
Young Indian parents using laptop - quality time, adult, nuclear Indian family
Indian family playing tug of war with the kid in the society park - teamwork, weekend fun, family time, Indian parents
A beautiful couple and daughter playing tug of war in society park - rope pulling, family enjoyment, family time
Town Park, Faridabad, India- Dec-2021 - A young couple holding hands and going for a romantic date - cheerful couple, quality time
A handsome man and a beautiful woman pointing their fingers toward the copy space on a green background
A handsome man and a beautiful woman is showing thumbs up with a smile on their face - Green Screen, Chroma key background
Beautiful wife handing her husband's phone and wallet in his hand before he leaves - married couple, lifestyle concept, Green screen
Young and newlywed Indian couple at Diwali - sharing gifts, surprise gift, love and care, decorated house