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Happy male watching his wife tasting food from the pan - cooking concept
Professional Indian male cook adding spices to his food - home-style cooking in Indian kitchen
Two-generation of Indian ladies working together in a kitchen - cooking concept
Indian woman stirring boiling penne pasta with a wooden spatula - home cooking
Cooking of grated carrot for preparation of Indian sweet/dessert - carrot/Gajar Halwa
Female's hand dropping cumin seeds/whole Jeera in a heated pan with cooking oil
Attractive home chef checking recipe on his smartphone before cooking
Smart and smiling student tasting his food - home alone cooking
Closeup shot of adding colorful vegetables in a frying pan - cooking concept
Small Indian child happily cooking food in a pot kept on chula - village lifestyle
Indian wife cooking in the kitchen while her husband chatting and eating fruits
Newlywed young husband-wife cooking together in a decorated kitchen
A beautiful girl adding spices in the dish from a wooden spice-box while cooking
A young girl wearing colorful apron cooking vegetables and talking on the phone
A portrait of a lady in saree cooking inside a kitchen and adding spices to the food
A young lady inside her modern kitchen pours some oil in the pan before cooking
Portrait of a young woman who is very satisfied with her cooking in her kitchen
A pretty woman wearing an apron puts effort to open an oil container while cooking
A portrait of a lady cooking inside a kitchen where she smells her food and adds spices
A happy youngster with a ladle as mike to sing his favorite song while cooking
Female hand putting pieces of banana in hot oil for frying - food and nutrition. Banana chips making
Lovely females enjoying music on a blue headphone while cooking in the kitchen
Mother-daughter taking selfies while making food in the kitchen - food concept
Two Indian females enjoying eating wafers while working in the home kitchen
Rural brother and sister fighting with each other and mother is cooking at home - Indian village family
Urban Indian chef chopping fresh healthy vegetables at home - cooking in Indian kitchen
Middle-aged wife tasting and appreciating the food made by her husband
A grey-haired cook garnishing his dish with dry fruits - cooking in Indian kitchen