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A middle-aged Indian woman is showing her pickle recipe on a video call - Indian spicy food
An Indian housewife is talking on the phone sitting on the floor - making pickle, household work
A confident Indian woman is showing an Okay sign - successful, superb
Rajasthan, Pushkar, India, 11th November 2019, Closeup shot of making wraps at street side shop
Crispy crunchy French fries falling on a plate with a burger - fast food, American cuisine
Closeup shot of a street vendor making Chana / Chole - Indian chickpea, street vendor, street food
A middle-aged villager and his young daughter using a laptop together - modern Indian villagers
Kasuri Methi, Mirchi powder, and Haldi powder - Immunity boosting Indian herbs
Pan shot of dried ginger, dried ginger roots, Haldi sticks, and powdered Haldi - Indian herbs
Collection of Indian spices in wooden containers - common Indian spices, Indian herbs
Powdered Haldi, dried Haldi and raw ginger kept against a black background - Indian spices
Yellow turmeric powder kept in a heap on a wooden spatula - Indian spices, golden herb
Pooris (puffed bread) is fried in hot oil in a frying pan - deep-fried, tasty but unhealthy, bad cholesterol, LDL
Golden yellow french fries kept in a heap rotating on a white plate on a turntable - deep-fried, crispy potato fingers, unhealthy food
Junk food items kept on a table - French fries and burger, fast food, tasty but unhealthy, delicious food
A round dough ball falls on the flour creating a splash - wheat flour, cooking ingredient, organic flour
An Indian woman dusting wheat flour from hands - Indian chef, slow motion
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, Close shot of a water stall offering free water
A middle-aged rural man cooking food at home - slicing potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, single man
Indian siblings having a glassful of milk - brother and sister, healthy food and nutrition, hates milk
A middle-aged Indian housewife offering a popular Gujarati snack to her guests - spongy, delicious
A middle-aged Indian housewife doing household work while her husband is busy on the phone - a domestic lifestyle, leisure time
A middle-aged Indian housewife talking on her smartphone while cutting vegetables - household work, domestic lifestyle
A happy middle-aged guy in his late forties Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a sweet tooth, a tasty dessert, evening snack time
A middle-aged Indian housewife is talking on her mobile while preparing food - household work
A beautiful housewife cooking food in the kitchen - Watching cooking recipes on a laptop, modern mother,
Closeup shot of cooking dal makhani on a gas stove - healthy Indian food, home-cooked food, homemade, vegetarian food
Indian cook stirring spicy Chole/Chana and garnishing it with coriander leaves - healthy Indian food, home-cooked food, homemade, vegetarian food