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Young Asian man playing online computer video game - colorful lighting, ring light, streaming live at home
A beautiful Puja Pandal decorated with orange marigold flowers and bells - an auspicious occasion, celebration time
Orange marigold flowers hanging in a shop in a street market - fragrance, beautiful
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
The Indian National flag / Indian Tricolor on the top of a mountain - patriotic, a proud Indian citizen, national pride
The Indian National Flag / Tiranga is being hoisted / waving in the mountainous region - Independence day / republic day
The Indian National flag / Indian tricolor on the top of a mountain - Independence day / Republic day celebrations, freedom, patriotism
Pretty Indian girl in festive clothes performing aarti for her brother - Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Dooj, Indian festival
A young teenage girl putting a beautiful Gajra on her grandmother's hair - getting ready, auspicious occasion, South Indian
A teenage girl is feeding and putting birthday cake on her brother's nose - celebration, party time, birthday snacks
An affectionate Indian grandmother is feeding a cake to her young grandson - loving family, celebration time, happy Indian small nuclear family
A teenage boy feeding and smudging her sister's face with a cake - angry sister, elder sister, sibling bonding, fun and enjoyment
A young Indian boy feeding cake to his cheerful mother - birthday, marriage anniversary, salt and pepper look, happy family, small nuclear family
A lovely granddaughter is feeding a piece of cake to her grandfather - homemade, elderly care, home party
A cheerful middle-aged Indian man feeding a piece of cake to his wife - husband wife bonding, anniversary
A middle-aged Indian husband and wife blowing a candle and cutting a cake together - Indian couple marriage anniversary, celebration time
Portrait of a happy Indian woman wearing bright orange sindoor on the occasion of Chhath Puja
Closeup shot of an Indian woman smiling at the ghat during the auspicious Chhath Puja celebration, Bihari woman, newlywed girl
Indian women doing the sacred ritual of offering water to the Sun God during the Chhath Puja celebration
Beautiful women in traditional Indian attire worshiping the Sun God with agarbatti- incense sticks during Chhath puja
Closeup shot of an Indian female praying to the Sun during Chhath festival with agarbatti - Bihari Festival, Hindu Festival
Indian Hindu female and her husband performing rituals of chhath puja while standing in river to worship lord sun
Indian couple preparing their bamboo soop full of Prashad for Chhath Puja - local rituals in Bihar, South Asian couple
Indian woman holding an earthen lamp in her hand - faith of God, red saree, offering prayers to sun
An Indian devotee in traditional attire offers prayers to the sun during the Chhath festival , Asian woman wearing Indian jewelry
Closeup shot of an Indian female lighting a brass Diwali lamp - Diyas during a festival, opening ceremony
A young Indian girl in her twenties with brightly lit Diyas - Deepavali celebrations, fair Asian girl