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A young businesswoman working from home on her laptop during the quarantine period
A smiling female employee talking to a client on a video call on her laptop
Portrait of a serious businesswoman with long hair working on her laptop
Portrait of a tired businesswoman having a headache while sitting in the office
A cheerful businesswoman with long black hair working from home on a laptop
A female entrepreneur browsing on her tablet during her leisure time in office
A young girl using a laptop for the office work in a dark room at home
A female accountant using a calculator to calculate the household expenses
Mother making her baby sleep in the night - new born baby
Young businesswoman checking project report - work from home. Online calls, office meeting.
Portrait of a young freelancer working on a laptop during the Coronavirus pandemic
A female entrepreneur in casual clothes working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic - remote work
A cheerful businesswoman with white earphones talking to her colleague on a laptop
An exhausted female having severe back pain after spending long hours in the office
Portrait of an Indian young woman blogger with long hair - Video call during work from home
A young businesswoman's hand holding bank currency notes for payment of bills
Female hand signing a contract paper by a ball pen - signature on an agreement
Middle-aged businesswoman checking and signing documents sitting on a couch
Young Indian homemaker puts a signature on an official paper - Insurance documentation
Woman's hands typing on a laptop keyboard and making notes in the notebook - Work from home
Female hands making important notes about business development and planning - Work from home
Female's hand checking sales and company growth with graphs and pie charts
Female financial advisor estimating the bank account balance using a calculator - Business Accounting
Female professional making notes during a conference call - WFH (Work from home) in COVID times
Middle-aged Indian housewife counting her last month's savings and noting it
Lovely working Indian woman talking to her clients using the speaker of her smartphone
Cheerful and smiling businesswoman working from her home office - distant work concept
Indian female talking on a video call on the laptop and making her notes