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Mouthwatering potato gravy falling on Khasta Moong Dal Ki Kachori in a bowl - Morning breakfast from North India
Aloo Tikki bowl decorated with Chana, Dahi, pomegranate rotating on a turntable - Street food from India
Grounded black pepper is being sprinkled in a bowl of Raita for seasoning - Indian food on table
Delicious homemade chicken biryani with eggs served in a bowl on a turntable
Rajasthani plump big red and green chilies in a bowl of water - spicy food
Woman's hand breaking a raw egg in a bowl of all-purpose flour - baking concept
A small wooden spoon kept inside a bowl of traditional Indian Gajar Ka Halwa
Bowl of freshly grated carrots kept with Gajar Ka Halwa garnished with dry fruits
Bengali woman's beautiful hand taking a Rosogolla from a bowl of Bhog/Prasad
Closeup shot of a transparent bowl filled with fresh curd rotating on a turntable
Closeup shot of a clay bowl filled with fresh butter cubes rotating on a turntable
Close up shot of an Indian woman hands adding mint/pudina leaves in a glass bowl full of Curd/Dahi
Two halves of a coconut and a coconut flakes bowl rotating on a wooden platform
Pouring natural coconut oil into a glass bowl placed on a wooden platform
Closeup shot of woman hands squeezing lemon in a bowl full of Indian Namkeen
Closeup shot of woman hands placing a green chilly in a bowl of Namkeen mixture
Closeup shot of woman hands sprinkling chopped onions in a bowl full of Namkeen
Pieces of almonds falling into a ceramic bowl full of oats, milk, and black grapes
Closeup shot of almonds falling into a white bowl full of oats - healthy breakfast
Woman hands placing a mehndi bowl on a decorated platform - Mehndi ceremony
Hands of a woman picking a bowl of mehndi for Indian bride's mehndi ceremony - Wedding Rituals
Indian female serving delicious Punjabi cuisine Sarson ka saag in a white bowl
Closeup shot of woman hands pouring freshly cooked saag in a ceramic bowl
A pile of organic black pepper in a rotating glass bowl - selective focus on a white surface
Rotating shot of black pepper in a glass bowl isolated over white background
Traditional raw spices with a bowl of garam masala powder - the healthy spice of India
A blend of mix spices - Indian garam masala powder in a spacious stone bowl
Woman's hand keeping a transparent bowl with Indian whole spices on various lentils