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An aged housewife spending time alone and reading a book - sipping coffee, tea
A Muslim mother wearing a hijab reading holy book with her daughter - learning and education, following culture
Young Indian siblings reading a book / studying together in the living room - knowledge and education
A middle-aged Indian woman reading a book while sitting comfortably on the floor
Middle-aged lady of a village reading a religious book while sitting on a Chaarpai
A young woman in a headscarf and her cute daughter reading a holy book
A sweet Indian kid reading a book with his father - bonding
Beautiful Indian female sending messages while reading a book on the sofa
Portrait of a female cancer patient reading a book while sitting on a sofa
Beautiful college-goer cheerfully taking a call while reading a book on a sofa
Modern father teaching his little daughter from a book - urban lifestyle concept
A medium shot of an aged woman of a village reading a holy book near a farmland
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
An aged woman of a village worshipping God by reading a religious book
An old Indian woman sitting on a woven cot reading a religious book near a farmland
Smart teenager with weak eye-sight trying to read book with concentration
Cute Indian girl enjoying reading a book with her boyfriend - lifestyle concept
Happy Santa Claus reading a book while sitting on a couch during Christmas time in India
Indian grandmother happily smiling while reading a book at home - old age concept
Indian boy reading a school book - Caring mother gives him milk. Study and Homework
Closeup shot of a school boy reading a book very carefully - childhood education
Attractive Indian lady spending her leisure time in a park while reading a book
Attractive Indian girl happily reading a book/novel while sitting on a park's bench
Young Indian beautiful girl sitting on a couch with a book in her hands - thoughtful. Checking her mobile
Pretty Indian girl bored of her studies - Leaning over and reading a book. Childhood concept
Old Sikh man wearing blue turban reading book in his living room beside a lamp - Retired life
Close-up shot of old Sikh man enjoying Sunday afternoon reading a spiritual book - Spending time at leisure
Indian father wearing spectacles reading story book with daughter