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A village family posing for the camera with their car keys - future investment, car purchase, travel, prosperity
Happy Indian house wife proudly showing her last month's salary - working woman, financially independent villager
An Indian married woman smiling and talking on the phone at home - independent village woman, modern villagers, rural life
A pretty married woman in traditional wear smiling and looking at the camera - village lady, rural concept, desi lifestyle, ethnic style
A portrait shot of an Indian woman stopped speaking due to the cash note on her mouth - money power, corruption
Portrait shot of an Indian girl showing her bicep on the green screen - bodybuilding, fitness, muscle gain
A portrait shot of an Indian girl pointing finger at the green screen - hand gestures, blank space
Pretty Indian girl trying to hear something on the green screen - hearing loss, isolated, deaf, human senses
Pretty Indian woman making the victory sign from her hands on the green screen - isolated, human expression, posing
Beautiful Indian female showcasing a dummy product - green screen, isolated, advertising, marketing, blank space
A portrait of an Indian girl making an okay sign from fingers on the green screen - green screen concept, sign language
Young Indian woman putting coins in the piggy bank on the green screen - future investment, financial knowledge
A young entrepreneur adding money in the piggy bank on the green screen - financial stability, future planning
A young Indian news anchor delivering a speech on the green screen - television announcer, new reporter
Female Indian teacher teaching basic multiplication to students - maths, mathematics class, blackboard teaching
Indian teacher taking mathematics class of government school students - maths, blackboard teaching, green board
An Indian political leader along with election officer corrupting the voting process - election manipulation, voting rigger
A male Indian politician doing the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the inauguration - elections, political party, rajya sabha member
An elderly lady putting a tricolour scarf on the political party leader - elections, lok sabha party member, Indian democracy
Political party supporters welcoming the political party leader with flower garland - public servant, the Indian government, lok sabha member
A beautiful young college student happily showing her blue mark on the index finger - general elections, a registered voter, an Indian citizen
An Indian middle-aged government official verifying the details of the old lady - verification, village elections, identity proof
An Indian election officer marks blue ink on the index finger of the voter - state elections, right to vote, voting slip
4k video of upset, attractive young Asian woman showing thumbs-down sign gesture - expressing discontent
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
Close-up shot of a young beautiful Indian woman applying winter cream on her skin - beauty skin concept, skincare, healthy skin
A young, beautiful woman applying cream - beauty treatments, skin care, winter care, smooth skin, skin nourishment
Beautiful Indian woman applying cream/lotion on her hands - self-care, spa treatment