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4k video of upset, attractive young Asian woman showing thumbs-down sign gesture - expressing discontent
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
Close-up shot of a young beautiful Indian woman applying winter cream on her skin - beauty skin concept, skincare, healthy skin
A young, beautiful woman applying cream - beauty treatments, skin care, winter care, smooth skin, skin nourishment
Beautiful Indian woman applying cream/lotion on her hands - self-care, spa treatment
Closeup up of a cosmetologist checking patients skin for cosmetic skin procedure - skin treatment, glowing skin
Beautiful spa composition with aromatic products - scented wax candle, almond oil
Beautiful spa composition with stones, almond oil and scented candles in led lighting setup - dark interior, body care
Funny Indian young woman playing with her hair - facial expressions, pout, smile, brown skin
Indian woman drinking coffee/tea - asian, tea tasting session, trying a hot drink, ceramic coffee mug
A beautiful young Indian woman looking at the camera and smiling - portrait, closeup
Closeup shot of a woman showing serious and shocking gestures towards the camera - Facial expressions
Closeup shot of a woman showing different facial expressions at home - spectrum of emotions, confused, excited, understanding
Beautiful Indian woman with a thoughtful gesture - comes with an idea or a solution, new idea, eureka, euphoria, excited
Thoughtful girl rubbing chin - eureka moment, I got an idea, new idea, shaking head, affirmation, smiling, excited, new insight
Thoughtful girl rubbing chin - eureka moment, I got an idea, new idea, shaking head, affirmation, smiling, excited, new insight
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Happy Indian bride and friends on video call - Mehendi ceremony, traditional wedding, joyous celebration
Young Indian couple dancing at their Sangeet - musical night, Bollywood songs, Bhangra, pre-wedding celebration
A beautiful Indian woman purchasing groceries at the neighbourhood store - consumer products, price and consumer index, inflation, Indian store
An auto driver showing a mobile phone with a green screen - advertising, auto fare receipt, online payment
An Indian auto driver counting his earnings - daily earning concept, lifestyle, financial freedom, small loan
An auto rikshaw driver having a phone call while standing out of the vehicle - Transportation services
An auto rickshaw driver showing thumbs up - Delhi auto services, transportation, metro city commute, public auto
An office girl getting down from auto-rickshaw - paying fare to driver, daily lifestyle, yellow and green auto, auto fare
Young Indian brother-sister playing a board game together - playing chess, checkmate, strategy game
An old Indian lady is giving a surprise gift to her beautiful granddaughter - friends, generation gap, responsible mother, single mother, teenage daughter
A small Indian bird sitting under a shade - pipit bird, small creature, freedom