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A medium shot of an elderly lady spending her free time smoking Indian pipe
An aged woman of a village reading a religious text while sitting near a farmland
An elderly lady of a village using wooden beads and a holy book to chant God's name
An elderly lady of a village smoking an Indian pipe while sitting near a field
A close-up shot of an old lady smoking an Indian traditional pipe (hookah)
Medium shot of a woman smoking a hookah while sitting comfortably on a chaarpai
A medium shot of an old Indian woman, relaxing while having hookah in free time
An old Indian woman sitting on a woven cot reading a religious book near a farmland
A long shot of an old Indian woman walking in a green agricultural field
A side view of a lady sitting on a kitchen counter near a window chatting with a friend
A portrait of a beautiful young woman making and serving fresh fruit juice
A happy Indian woman chatting on a smartphone while cooking inside her kitchen
Portrait of a young Indian girl - happy to taste the noodles prepared by her
A young lady inside her modern kitchen pours some oil in the pan before cooking
Portrait of a young woman who is very satisfied with her cooking in her kitchen
A young Indian woman with a happy face smells the food made by her in a kitchen
A pretty woman wearing an apron puts effort to open an oil container while cooking
A portrait of a lady cooking inside a kitchen where she smells her food and adds spices
Frustrated Indian girl screaming at someone while looking towards the camera
Beautiful female dancer enjoying her ballet dance practice at her dance studio
Graceful Indian dancer happily practicing ballet dancing in the living room
Long shot of a young graceful ballerina practicing ballet in her dance studio
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing a stability workout on a blue exercise ball
Attractive Indian sportswoman demonstrating exercises using a gym/fitness ball
A beautiful young girl performing side stretches while sitting on a wooden floor
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing abs workout at home for a healthy lifestyle
Energetic young trainer demonstrating Zumba dance moves in her fitness studio
Slow-motion shot of a young sportswoman happily doing a Zumba dance workout