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A beautiful mom and teenage daughter studying together sitting at a wooden desk
Cheerful teenage daughter celebrating her birthday with her beautiful mother
Indian loving mother doing the hair of her teenage daughter - Family bonding
Indian mom doing her teen daughter's makeup - cosmetics and beauty
Teen daughter learning to apply makeup on her mother's face - Mother-daughter bonding
A beautiful village woman counting the money - Independent woman
A progressive farmer and his beautiful wife - Offering money from farm sales
Young fit woman having a protein shake after a gym session - healthy lifestyle
An attractive Indian lady with dumbles exercising indoors -Indoor gym
Young fit female measuring her waist with a tape measure - weight loss
Indian pretty woman with perfect skin taking hair oil from the bottle - beauty concept
The young injured lady eating apples while talking on the phone - first-aid at home concept
Pretty Indian woman with injury on hand and head eating apples while sitting at her home
Beautiful Indian teenager talking on a smartphone after meeting with an accident
Injured adolescent female treating her wounded hand - first-aid of wrist sprain
Indian female in white clothes relaxing at her home with a cosmetic face mask
A young lady with a serum sheet mask on her face happily talking on a smartphone
Orange slices, halves, and juice placed beautifully together on a wooden table
Human hand keeping a transparent glass of fresh orange juice with a straw in it
Female hand putting a clear straw in a glass of freshly prepared orange juice
Freshwater being sprinkled on nutritious juicy Mandarin oranges in a basket
Focused young Indian girl with blue headphone talking on a conference call
Indian female talking on a video call on the laptop and making her notes
Smiling woman in her early twenties eating a bowl of freshly made hot noodles
Young girl enjoys eating noodles from a bowl while working on her laptop
A young beautiful girl putting on a medical mask - Coronavirus protection
Smiling woman browsing mobile while sitting in a beautifully decorated room
A teenager happily waving hand and talking on webcam while making a video call