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Two beautiful sparrows sitting under a shade - avian, colorful birds
A handsome guy putting a beautiful Gajra on his wife's hair - festive feel, romantic couple, South Indian couple, South India, Indian diversity
A beautiful Muslim lady wearing a headscarf doing a Saalam-Alaikum gesture - Eid celebrations, hello by Mohammedans
Beautiful view of the sunset on the beach - Seashore, seascape, evening scene
Lush greenery with Palm trees in a forest in Backwater- Beautiful scenery, natural surrounding, green environment
Townpark, Faridabad, India - Dec/2021 - Cheerful Indian girl blowing bubbles in the garden with the family - happy childhood, beautiful garden, soup bubbles.
Closeup shot of a female eye - good eyesight, optical vision, skincare, beautiful eyes, eye closeup
A gardener is spraying / sprinkling water on a beautiful Coleus plant in a nursery
A beautiful girl in front of the mirror applying eyeliner with a cosmetic pencil - morning makeup
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, A beautiful sculpture of Lord Krishna holding a flute displayed at an exhibition
Shot of a teenage girl bringing beautiful surprise gifts for her mother
Beautiful Bengali woman happily getting ready for the Durga Puja celebrations
Medium shot of a beautiful Indian female eating hot noodles at her kitchen
Beautiful Indian girl showing off herself with a wide toothy smile - lifestyle concept
A congratulations message card with a beautiful bouquet of pink and white flowers
Young beautiful girl hanging colorful balls on a Christmas tree with her Dad
Young beautiful girl happily looking away with folded arms in nature
Beautiful Indian girl smiling and posing towards the camera in casual wear
Close shot of a beautiful Indian woman proudly holding a national flag - Independence Day / Republic Day concept
Beautiful model applying blusher on her face with a professional makeup brush - Fashion show backstage
Young Indian woman getting ready and putting on beautiful earrings - Woman loves jewelry accessories
Indian beautiful girl admiring herself in the mirror - good looks, hairstyle
Beautiful Indian girl sitting and smiling - different expressions on the face. White background
Beautiful Indian woman touching her hair and smiling - facing towards the camera
Confused beautiful Indian female with long hair standing and feeling astonished - White background
Shot of Indian women wearing beautiful bangles
Beautiful Indian women in traditional dress putting on bangles / chudiyan
Indian women wearing beautiful payal / anklet