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Closeup shot of a musician's hands playing the guitar while sitting on a sofa - selective focus
Young boy with long hair showing off his skills of martial arts in the park
Stock video of a senior Indian woman knitting with wool yarn - Favorite hobby
Young innocent child doing his art homework very happily - creative little artist at work
Smiling Indian boy drawing and coloring a hut - art and crafts for kids
Cute boy choosing the right color pencil to complete his shading - child education concept
Little boy singing his favorite song with a microphone - lifestyle kids
Indian mother and daughter painting a clay pot together - Motherhood Concept
School going boy and a girl standing with Indian map - India celebrates Independence day. Patriotism concept
Little Indian girl with her fingers painted with national tri colors - Independence day arts concept
Young girl getting eye makeup done by professional makeup artist using a makeup brush
Little Indian boy sitting in his study room and studying - Drawing a picture.Childhood
Indian girl with a smile on her face posing at camera - Colorful background
An Indian student cutting thin strips of paper for craft
Art and Craft - An Indian girl cutting strips of pink craft paper
Girl making the stem of an artificial pink rose using tape
Top view of making an artificial flower using scissors, tape and glue
A woman arranging artificial petals of a big pink rose
A closeup shot of pink rose made from paper by a kid in the art and craft class
A shot of cutting yellow craft paper in the shape of flower petals
A clip of paper craft where a flower petal is being crafted
A close up shot of beautifully crafted flowers made from paper
Keeping white paper flower on the table among other crafted flowers
Colorful flowers made using paper cutting along with big roses
Embroidery - Shot of Indian woman / female stitching lazy daisy stitch in white cloth
Shot of man block printing on a cotton fabric
Block Printing - A skilled worker is printing the fabric with blocks
A worker block printing red fabric with the white design