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Indian medical professional with stethoscope and folded arms in a white lab coat
Young attractive girl applies skincare cream to her face for healthy skin - beauty concept
Closeup of a Indian woman applying foundation to her face against white background
A young sales manager with his team - Discussing sales performance and future forecasts
Indian corporate business meeting. Startup team sharing ideas and brainstorming
Indian lady happily talking on a phone with her relatives while sitting on a charpai - leisure time
Young attractive bank agent guiding Indian farmer to fill-up new bank account's form
Young bank employee congratulating innocent Indian villager on his loan approval
Happy Indian village lady using laptop and internet for the first time - rural households
Young government employee collecting information from villagers - survey concept
Young beautiful lady in traditional wear smiling and looking into the camera
Indian female standing on a weight scale- Weight loss concept
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - technology concept
Young government employee explaining new agricultural policies to an illiterate farmer
Young happy farmer happily smiling at his new red color tractor for his agricultural field
Young attractive farmer happily standing beside his brand new tractor
Attractive Indian lady spending her leisure time in a park while reading a book
Beautiful young woman with long hair chatting on her smartphone - lifestyle concept
Young beautiful girl happily looking away with folded arms in nature
Overweight Indian woman desiring to wear her dress - obesity concept
Overweight Indian woman measuring her Belly fat - Obesity concept
Portrait of an Indian overweight woman posing for the camera - White background. Health concept
Attractive Indian girl happily reading a book/novel while sitting on a park's bench
Smiling Indian girl enjoying beautiful morning weather in a garden
Beautiful Indian girl smiling and posing towards the camera in casual wear
Young beautiful woman in headphones listening songs from her playlist - lifestyle concept
Pretty Indian girl cutely blowing soap bubbles and enjoying her leisure time
Young Indian woman reading a novel in her leisure time while lying in a garden