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Girl walking with umbrella and enjoying rain against the green screen
Boy falling asleep on sofa with friend after turning off television
Beautiful girl walking sideways carrying a coffee colour handbag against the green screen
Cute girl standing and texting against the green screen
Girl in formals walking sideways against green screen
Female employee worried about deadline, playing with stress relieve ball
Young happy boy standing in a park and talking on phone reacts to a good news
Full shot of a gardener watering plants in a park
Young Indian girl sitting outdoor on a bright sunny day using tablet
Mid shot of a boy with earphones sitting on a bench in a park and enjoying music on a bright sunny day
Mid shot of a young boy sitting on a bench in a park with earphones plugged in his tab and listening to songs on a very bright sunny day
Young Indian couple sitting together in living room and working on their laptop and mobile phones
Close up shot of a girl's hands slicing red bell pepper on a wooden chopping board
Boiling water is poured into a glass mug with a tea bag
Mid shot of a boy lying alone on a sofa and reading an interesting book (4K)
Young man sitting on stairs in living room talking on his mobile phone
Young man dressed formally using tablet and making hand movements on virtual green screen
Dog grabbing a cookie from the table, cocker spaniel
Cute girl lying on bed texting and playing with her hair
Young boy lying on his bed reading book and turning pages
A young girl doing nadishodhana / anulom vilom / alternate nostril breathing pranayama in a park
A young girl practicing tadasana / mountain yoga pose outside in a park
A young girl practicing vrikshasana / tree yoga pose in a park
Mid shot of a couple sitting on chair and watching something funny on a tablet against the green screen
Low angle timelapse shot of people's activity at India gate in New Delhi on a rainy day
A girl performing "Paschimottanasana" move in a park while exercising yoga
Top shot of chopped and sliced vegetables mixed with spices being fried in hot oil in a non stick fryingpan
Freshly chopped cabbage falling on a chopping board