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Indian businessman planning a product launch with his team members - Corporate office
Young team leader discussing business related ideas with his colleagues - Corporate office atmosphere
Lonely, bored, ill and depressed Indian woman sitting in bed - Lifestyle issues
Young Indian teenager preparing for exams while caring mother offers juice - Concerned parents
Young Indian son discussing syllabus with father while studying at home - Parenting
Indian Punjabi lady in ethnic wear serving food to her family with love - Army man with his father, son, and wife
Indian family having breakfast together at a dining table. Surd army man on a phone call
Little girl sitting at the table and counting coins - kids economy, financial saving
Cute boy choosing the right color pencil to complete his shading - child education concept
Indian boy reading a school book - Caring mother gives him milk. Study and Homework
Serious young Indian woman thinking hard and expressing her confusion - emotion concept
Young girl listening to her favorite song - Using blue headphones - leisure concept
Modern happy girl listening to Bollywood or Hollywood songs with her headphones
Young pretty girl happily playing with chocolate donuts against white background
Happy modern woman smiling and playing with donuts in casual clothing - leisure concept
Beautiful Indian girl eating yummy chocolate donuts isolated over white background
Pretty lady dancing while listening to loud music at a party against the white background
Beautiful Indian girl laughing and bursting a balloon isolated over white background
Young beautiful female doctor happily smiling in a white coat - medical concept
Beautiful Indian practitioner holding a stethoscope while wearing a doctor's coat
Closeup shot of a female doctor holding stethoscope for check-up
Indian medical professional showing a red and white colored capsule - healthcare concept
Senior female doctor holding an injection in her hand over white background
Beautiful senior doctor holding a heap of medicines in her hand - white background
Young female doctor showing an apple with an OK gesture - white background
Pretty Indian lady feeling her soft and smooth skin with a pink flower against white background
Closeup shot of a young beautiful girl giving a toothy smile against white background - lifestyle concept
Beautiful young girl applying moisturizer to her healthy skin - skincare concept