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Happy cute little child girl doing makeup - applying powder with a fluffy brush
Young Indian child girl wearing pink dupatta in front of a mirror at home - Dressing like her mother
Cute little girl playing, dressing, looking in the mirror and putting a bindi on her forehead at home
Beautiful little Indian girl having breakfast with cereals, milk in the kitchen - Health, Morning school routine
Young Indian preschooler eating cupcakes at home in the kitchen
Cute little kid girl holding and enjoying tasty cupcakes in the kitchen
Cute little preschooler making drawing and coloring on study table posing isolated - study concept
Smiling little Indian child girl collecting coins, money in a clear glass jar in study room - saving concept
Thoughtful little Indian child preschooler looking and playing with a world globe in the study room
Charming cute Indian child girl playing at home with block colorful toys - childhood concept
Cheerful child girl listening to music with headphones at home
Portrait of a cute Indian innocent girl kid blowing air on elbow wound
Young Indian child watching cartoon movie on a mobile phone, green screen - technology concept
Adorable girl in white dress eating popcorn on her birthday - Family celebration at home
Slow motion shot of a cute girl feeding popcorn to her mother - Happy Birthday Party
Little boy playing with colorful building blocks in a serious mood
Excited little girl playing with smiley balls in front of the decorated wall
Cute birthday boy having fun in a birthday party blowing colorful confetti
Adorable girl blowing colorful confetti at a birthday party - Fun at home
Birthday Celebration - Beautiful mother lighting candles for her daughters birthday cake
Indian mother gives a gift to her little daughter on her birthday - Birthday Party Fun. Decorated wall in the background
Closeup shot of a kid solving cardboard puzzle of a school bus