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India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Mixing chocolate / protein / calcium power in milk for kids
A female is cooking and mixing vegetables on a gas stove in the kitchen
Slow motion shot of peanuts pieces falling over the bread with peanut butter
A man / woman spreading choco spread on a slice of brown bread for sandwich
A male / female spreading mayonnaise on the slice of brown bread for sandwich
A man chopping green chilli on a chopping board
A man preparing khoya (Condensed milk) to prepare variety of sweet dishes out of it
Tea being filled in a cup during breakfast through tea-pot
Slow motion shot of black tea being poured into a cup with the help of teapot
A man chopping fresh tomatoes into slices on a chopping board
Pouring fresh milk in a glass for the healthy breakfast
Apple juice being poured into a glass
Camera panning close up of mutton seekh kebab being cooked over a furnace
An amateur Indian male chopping onion on chopping board
A slow motion shot of sugar cube falling in a cup full of Indian tea
Slow motion shot of fresh tomatoes thrown into water
An Indian male cutting lemon into slices
Close shot of frying aloo tikki (Indian street food) in a huge frying pan
Slow motion close up of a girl hand pounding cloves in a stone mortar
Slow motion of a girl hand pounding ginger in a stone mortar
Slow motion of a man hand pounding raw spices in a stone mortar
A man frying pooris in a huge deep cooking pot and collecting the freshly cooked ones in a tray
A girl adding spices to her noodles to make it more yummy
A seekh kebab being cooked over a burning furnace
Mutton seekh kebab being flipped and cooked over the burning furnace
A uniformed man cooking rumali roti in his kitchen stove over a foil sheet
A man deep frying the pieces of potatoes in a huge kitchen
A girl spreading peanut butter over the top of a brown bread