Stock videos index India Food Stock Footage At Knot9

Slow motion shot of a tomato falling into a glass water tank
A girl putting lettuce leaf and bread slice on her vegetable sandwich
A girl putting tomato slices on a white bread to prepare sandwich
A girl putting cucumber slices on the white bread for making vegetable sandwich
A girl putting onion slices on a white bread with mayonnaise
A girl spreading mayonnaise on a sandwich bread to prepare veg sandwich
A man (Indian Halwai) preparing the khoya batter for making various sweet dishes
A lady putting water in a frying pan for boiling
A girl making instant noodles on an electric pan in her kitchen
A street food vendor garnishing tawa chicken with cilantro leaves to spice up the flavor
Seekh kebab being cooked over a very high flame in a coal furnace
A man preparing hot and sweet jalebis (Indian Sweet) in a big pan
Adding water to rice-cooker containing white rice ready for cooking
Female/chef adding a spoon full of salt in pot of mixed vegetables
Female opening a glass lid of steel vessel with boiling vegetables
Closeup shot of a chef adding rice to cooked vegetables
Chef opening the cover of the pot filled with cooked vegetable rice - biryani
Bokeh shot of pouring fresh beer with foam into drink pint glass
Close of shot of a sliced and one whole yellow capsicum on a white plate
Shot of two glasses filled with cola / soda / soft drink in a cafe
Shot of pouring cola / soda / soft drink into a glass at a restaurant
Shot of bubbles in glass filled with cola soda
Bokeh shot of pouring fresh beer and a foam into the glass
Bokeh shot of pouring soda / cola / carbonated drink / soft drink into the glass
Shot of ice drop into a glass of cold drink / soft beverage - Bokeh India
Rising bubbles in a glass of champagne or beer
Closeup shot of cold coffee being poured on ice cubes with black background
Closeup shot of whiskey being poured into the ice-filled glass