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Portrait of a healthy south Indian couple going to temple to pray on Onam festival - Looking sideways on white background
Attractive south Indian couple in ethnic / traditional dress presenting a product - Looking sideways on white background
Young south Indian couple standing together with white background holding a product in hand
Portrait of a beautiful south Indian couple standing together with white background - Looking sideways
Portrait of a south Indian couple with white background holding gift boxes purchased during festival shopping
Smart south Indian couple shopping for Onam celebration, wearing traditional clothes
Handsome south Indian man in traditional outfit showing a product
South Indian man in traditional outfit presenting a product - White background
Smart South Indian woman in traditional dress - standing and pointing towards white background
South Indian woman wearing silk saree is holding a piggy bank - saving money, finance concept (White background)
An Indian family hugging each other - Strong family bond and relation
Young Indian husband surprises his wife by giving her precious jewellery gift on Diwali / festival
Young Indian couple taking a self portrait or selfie using smart phone - Festival and technology concept
Two young smiling Indian exchanging gifts / surprises: Diwali Festival
Diwali Decoration - Happy young couple in traditional dress sitting together and arranging diyas on rangoli
Diwali Celebration - Indian wife holding tray / thali of diyas and husband arranging diyas to decorate home
Smart Indian Couple in traditional dress arranging Diyas around flower Rangoli on Diwali Festival Night
Stock image of a smiling couple making flower rangoli for diwali decoration
Smart Indian family taking a selfie with smartphone near Diwali rangoli: Festival and technology concept
Indian mother presenting her daughter with surprise gift on Diwali festival
Stock Image of a cute and smiling Indian girl sitting near flower rangoli
Royalty free stock photo: Portrait of a happy girl wearing traditional dress - excited to unpack the Diwali gift
Cute Indian girl making beautiful rangoli using flowers petals - Festival celebration
Portrait of Indian girl with smiling face making flower petals rangoli in her house/apartment for Diwali
A cute girl making rangoli with flower petals and diya - Festival Image
Stock image of a happy family - mother loving her daughter. Making rangoli and enjoying Diwali
Young Indian couple celebrating Diwali festival by exchanging gifts - surprised wife
Diwali Celebration India - Happy Indian wife opening a gift given by her husband during festival