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A clean-shaved confident young adult looking seriously towards the camera
Indian young adult working on his laptop and drinking alcohol / beer
Focused businessman accountant doing calculations for online financial report - working from home late night
Portrait of a young man sitting and relaxing on the bed watching television - Binge eating
Portrait of a smiling young man in eyeglasses doing a video chat on a laptop
Portrait of smiling young man with stubble enjoying playing a video game
Cute little cheerful girl dreaming about her future plans of becoming a pilot - picnic in the park
Young woman with long hair lovingly hugging a teenage girl - emotional moment
Mother scolding her teenage daughter - parenting issues. Family issues
Indian mother and teenager daughter partying at home with healthy juice and cookies
Suspicious and worried mother upset about her teenage daughter's smartphone usage
Young mother and teen daughter surfing internet - modern technology
Mother-daughter duo laughing and spending quality time - Indian village home
Two school-going children posing cheerfully for the camera - child education
Young fit woman having a protein shake after a gym session - healthy lifestyle
An attractive Indian lady with dumbles exercising indoors -Indoor gym
Young woman from Indian woman football team - Soccer player from India
Portrait of a gymnast in blue clothes staring away from the camera - Indian athlete
Young girl doing office work on her laptop at home - remote working / WFH (Work From Home)
The young injured lady eating apples while talking on the phone - first-aid at home concept
Indian female in white clothes relaxing at her home with a cosmetic face mask
Indian cricketer in a white uniform with all cricket gears posing for the camera - sports activity
Indian cricket batsman with helmet, bat, and gloves in hands, looking at the camera - Sports
Portrait of a professional batsman looking at a cricket bat in his gloved hands
Portrait of young Indian cricket player wearing hand gloves and getting ready for game
Portrait of young Indian sportsman playing with a leather ball before the cricket practice session
Caring Indian father sitting with his young child teaching him things on a laptop
Time-lapse shot of an Indian fighter in blue clothes and bandages on the wrist punching