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Delhi, India, April/2020- A young adult scanning the QR code for the smart bike at Connaught place - Pollution-free, transportation, public vehicles
Delhi, India, April/2020- Smart bikes standing at stands - Pollution-free, transportation, electric bikes, public transport, green transport
New Delhi, India, April/2020 - Shot of people sitting on the pavement in Connaught Place, Watching phones, scrolling the phone
Old Delhi, India, 1st/April/2020 - Muslim boy washing his hands and feet before entering the mosque - Delhi monuments, Islamic architecture, Islamic ritual
Smiling young adult making a live video conference call while sitting near a tree trunk
Handsome young adult drinking Thandai standing outdoors on Holi festival
Young adult measuring his bicep with a measuring tape while standing indoors
Portrait of a fit young adult in t-shirt measuring his waist using a measuring tape
Indian college going male with silky black hair standing against a colorful wall
A clean-shaved confident young adult looking seriously towards the camera
Young adult cleaning his kitchen counter - household hygienic activity
Indian young adult working on his laptop and drinking alcohol / beer
Scared young girl with an adult man's hand covering her mouth - child abuse
Young handsome boy talking over phone while celebrating Holi - Phone call, face smeared in Holi colors
Splashing colors on this young Indian boy - Happy faces, Holi color, Holi party, Throwing colors on the face, color splash, harmful colors
Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place New Delhi, India, 20th September 2022, Young boys bathing at Sarovar in Gurudwara - Holy water bath
A young sick Indian woman with a head injury in a hospital bed - eating fruits, healing and recovery, hospital diet, woman in shock
An adorable girl and her mom doing online shopping - using a debit card, e-commerce, online purchase
A middle-aged couple and a young boy playing video games using a joystick - a gaming console, modern parenting
A caring Indian mother helping her young kid with her studies - home education, single mother, homeschooling
An Indian housewife helping her young son with his homework - school assignments, parent-child relationship
An Indian housewife offering a glass of milk to her adorable son - avoid milk, hate milk, caring mother
A happy Indian mother-daughter duo enjoys playing a board game together - playing chess, an intelligent game
A young attractive couple talking / chatting while spending quality time with each other - togetherness and relationship, a couple bonding
Indian businessman having alcohol while working on his laptop at night - stressful life, enjoying drinking at home, daily habits
Closeup shot of young Indian girl lighting up a cigarette - smoking addiction, bad habit, nicotine addiction
June 20, Delhi, India - Indian husband in the surgical mask in kitchen - slicing a cucumber, Covid-19, indoor pollution, kitchen pollution, allergic to smell
An attractive young couple and their sweet daughter making a video call at home - modern technology, internet connection